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Big Game Hunter’s MLB Capping Basics

The MLB season is just around the corner. Here are just a few things my team and I use when finding winners for my clients.

We look for decent prices on MLB dogs. Guys and gals, remember a good season in baseball is 100-62 which means you have 62 times a years to make cash against the Dodgers.  The next thing is obviously weather. For example, which way the wind is blowing in or out of the ball park. The other key that my team looks at is who is behind the plate as umpires are human. Some have wider strike zones, some have smaller ones.

Last but certainly not least is the injury bug. Make sure to keep an eye out for any starting position player who may be a late scratch.  Overall, baseball is a grind with plenty of opportunities to make money.

You can follow all my daily picks on Twitter @biggame15018248. Remember cashing tickets and making paper is what it’s all about.

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