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2022 Golden Nugget Handicapping Series Rules

  • The 2022 Golden Nugget Handicapping Series is a free NFL contest.
  • Contest Prizes
    • First-place receives a Golden Nugget Championship Ring (picture available soon).
    • Note: Prizes will be given to any player that goes 7-0 during a contest week.
  • All selections must be emailed to by 11:00 am (CT) on Sunday. Please put in the subject line your name, the Week Date and the contest title name (ie: Bobby Jones, Week 7 – 8/21/22, 2022 Golden Nugget Handicapping Series NFL Contest).
  • The contest runs each week during the regular season. Players must make seven picks each week.
    • If you decide to submit a pick for the Thursday night game, please email all of your picks for that week before the Thursday night game kickoff.
  • A total of seven picks must be made each week to be eligible for the contest. Any combination of sides and/or totals can be bet.
  • Each week’s lines will be posted on Wednesday between 11:00 a.m. (CT) – 2:00 p.m. (CT) on this page (below the rules section). The Wednesday lines posted are the OFFICIAL contest lines for that week. For example, if we post Vikings -7 on Wednesday and the line moves to Vikings -8.5 by Friday, Vikings -7 is the official line. The Wednesday lines posted are the official lines for that week.  
  • Once you email your picks to, a user cannot modify or change their picks.
  • Picks must be ranked from seven units (most confident play) down to one unit (lowest rated play). Picks are ranked from highest to lowest.
  • All plays are graded per the 11/10 Vegas Rules. Meaning, -1.1 unit for losses and +1 unit for wins. If a pick pushes, then you will not lose or gain any points. The breakdown for plays is as follows:
  • How do you win the contest? Whoever has the highest amount of units won at the end of the NFL regular season is declared the winner (not overall record or winning percentage). It’s all about the most units.
  • In case of a tie, the contestant with the most wins is then declared the winner.
    • If players have the same amount of units won and the same amount of wins, a second tiebreaker will come into play. Players will go head-to-head in the first week of the postseason. But instead of seven picks, there will be three picks (three units, two units and one unit). The points system stays the same.
  • There are zero bye weeks in this contest.
  • Leaderboards and previous selections are posted at 8 a.m. on this page every Tuesday.
  • Example email for when you submit your weekly picks:
    • To:
    • Subject Line: Bobby Jones, Week 7 – 8/14/22, 2022 Golden Nugget Handicapping Series NFL Contest
    • Email:
      • Minnesota Vikings -3 (7 units)
      • Chicago/Detroit over 46.5 (6 units)
      • Houston Texans +5 (5 units)
      • Baltimore Ravens -2 (4 units)
      • Seattle/Denver under 48 (3 units)
      • Jacksonville Jaguars +6 (2 units)
      • Miami Dolphins -5 (1 unit)
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