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The Thoughts of a Handicapper Down Way More Units than He’d Like

Disclaimer: This is a personal story that I just let the thoughts in mind go onto the blog. It may be longer, so feel free to continue reading knowing this information.


Perfection or outstanding achievement is always something that people strive for in things they are passionate about. Whether that be a job, being a parent, a sport that is played or even something as silly as sports betting, people want to be good at what they do. This is a basic human instinct to want to be the best that you can be in things that you are most passionate about. Everyone reading this can think of something that could fit into this category. Well, for me, it’s sports and sports gambling.

My entire life, sports have been my passion. I gained that passion from my father in brother, as the three of us would sit in our living room all day and watch any sport that was on TV (to the displeasure of my mother and sisters). Talking sports has always been a passion for me, but I gained a true love of sports betting when it became legal in Iowa. I would combine my knowledge of teams, players, and coaches and put some of my own money on the line to determine the results of games. It has become a routine of mine every day at lunch to pull up the sportsbook, check lines, and get a card going. All of this has become really fun for me, but it really hit me recently that something about this was not fun for me: I have been really bad at it this year.

Every time you pull up a tweet with #GamblingTwitter or a tik Tok, people will be sharing their units won overall or in various sports. That’s the great thing about the social media aspect of sports gambling. It is a community of individuals that come together and compliment or critique other individuals on plays that they make on a daily basis. However, you never seem to see people share the results of them doing bad. Part of that is human nature, which is completely understandable to not want to show that you failed. There is just one part of it where it feels like people are hiding. Well, I used to be that person, and I cannot hide it anymore: I have been terrible at sports gambling this year.

I am not in any financial trouble at all mind you, as my unit size is quite small compared to some sports gamblers out there since I have a house to pay for along with student loans. That doesn’t hide the fact of how bad I have been. Typing out this next sentence is absolutely gut wrenching for me, but I just need to admit it. Since January 1, I am down a total of 60 units. You read that right. 60 units. I have had very positive days, as I wouldn’t say that I am a total idiot. Truth be told, I have been unlucky a bunch this year, but frankly, I just have not been on my game. I need to be better.

The thing that hurts me most is that people follow the Gambling Feud Twitter page and put their own money on the line tailing me. I go to bed at night realizing that I was the reason that people lost money today. People will tell me all the time, “Kyle, it’s their fault that they tailed you.” It may be, but I also lost their trust, and my general mindset is that people no longer believe that I am as good at handicapping as people once thought. To those of you that are in this group, I want to genuinely tell you that I am sorry.

All this being said, I am realizing that I would rather be a truthful person who is bad at gambling than a liar who is good. I need to be better. I need to find a system that works, throw away my old habits, and find a way to get back on the positive side of things. I will get there. In the meantime, if you are a random egg avatar on Twitter, feel free to come at me, roast me, and continue to let me know how bad I have been. I deserve it. For those of you that will continue to ride with me on this journey of getting back to positive, I love you all.

Going forward, nothing is going to change for me. I am going to continue to give out daily cards. Maybe the move is to fade these cards to make you money. The Gambling Feud Podcast is still going to drop bi-weekly, and I am going to continue talking about lines and picks on there too. If I go down 100 units by the end of this year, so be it. The passion that I have for sports and sports betting far outweighs the failure I have been. This is going to be a long road ahead, but I have outstanding support from the guys at the network and those that follow us to get me through this. I will be better. I promise I will be better. Love you guys.

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