March Madness opening Thursday a Few plays

Well the madness is upon us and I am sure a ton of my tic tok experts will be out in full force trying to sell you on their like follow share, but they always forget to mention lose.  Again, these folks are great content creators which I will give them props but handicappers they are not.  They prey on an exploding sports betting industry and or horrible for all of us real handicapper or consultants.  As you know I do have my own team of experts and have been doing this for over 30 years as well as work in the sportsbook industry.  Like I have stated before to my readers and followers on twitter @biggame15018249 be very careful where you invest your money.  We here at kotacappers have also partnered with the sportsbook of bettoredge.com use the promo code big game and check that out great site with very favorable lines.  So on to the picks for some of the opening Thursday games, the rest of the picks will be in my packages sold on the site for 19.99/day no better value then that.  West virginia -2, utah missou o155.5, san diego st -5.5, texas a&m -3 and finally furham +6.5.  Hoping to get a podcast done here shortly so tune into that on apple and Spotify.  As always bet with you head not over it.  I am out.

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