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NHL Ice Plays for 3-3-23

Just getting ready for the NHL slate tonight and thought I would share a few of my VIP plays with you all, if you read my soccer VIP article again it seems everyone wants something for free now days and I forgot to mention in that article DO NOT under any circumstances follow these fools on tic tok all the way to the poor house the all say like, follow, share they forget to mention LOSE.  We here a Big Game hunter sports are like Tim Duncan not flashy but get the job done on a daily basis.  Since nobody has purchased a package I have not submitted any picks to this site as we are both very busy and why post something that nobody is going to see,  but my private group that I have had together for over 30 years it up 8k with our plays in NHL packages are only 89.99/month here on the site.  Anyway as a little teaser here is the complete VIP card for the NHL tonight:  Seattle Columbus over 6.5, Winnipeg ml, Montreal Anaheim over 6, Las Vegas ml,  More VIP packages are coming including a MLB package and a NCAA 1st round package which will be the same price as the NFL package for the month.  It is great Value up 7k in soccer VIP, 8K in the NHL, and we crushed college football 56-23-1( for next years package), Hopefully someday both my readers and listeners will take advantage of my low prices, most of my packages are under $5/day less then a cup a coffee.  We all work hard here at the network and I would ask if you know any businesses that want to advertise for a very reasonable rate contact the site administrator for details again low pricing as once we explode this thing prices will go up for all new advertisers that get on board.  Stay tuned as well as I am working on getting us some radio time to cap the games right to your car, as well as trying to get some late tv time for the panel to discuss games and you can DVR it and watch whenever you want, will keep everyone posted.   I do work in the sports betting industry as well hopefully will be back in the area soon c’mon Minnesota get this passed.  Bet with your head not over it.  I am out.

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