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Dan’s Super Bowl Plays

Today’s the big game, so we’ve got plenty of options on the docket. Whether it’s the national anthem, the player props, the spread or the Gatorade color, you can bet just about anything for this contest.

As the Eagles and Chiefs face off, it’s important to have your plays ready and spread them out over the course of the action. You can easily overload your bankroll by making too many plays too early, and that’s what you want to avoid here. These plays give you the option to get some action early as well as late, while giving you plenty for the game itself.


If you listened to Gambling Feud, you know that I am not someone who bets the coin toss. You can’t research it in any way, so it’s not a bet I want. But the national anthem can be researched. Chris Stapleton is an old-school country singer who draws out his notes. His songs tend to be longer, and the number has dropped since coming out. We now only need him to beat the average by four seconds, something that should be doable. Expect him to put on a show.


Miles Sanders isn’t getting much attention because of how the Eagles’ two playoff games went. But that might work to our advantage here. He’s fresh, and the game script isn’t likely to repeat how things went against the Giants or 49ers. The Giants weren’t that strong a team; they just got the right matchup in Minnesota. The 49ers had to play without a quarterback and had no answer for the Eagles.

That meant Kenneth Gainwell got far more carries than usual. That should not happen this time. Sanders will likely get the bulk of the work as the Eagles try to keep Patrick Mahomes on the sidelines. He averages 15 and needs 14 to cash. That looks probable.

EAGLES 1H ML, -120

If Philadelphia doesn’t get ahead in the first half, it’s in trouble. The Eagles lead the NFL in first-half scoring, but there’s a noticeable drop-off between first and second half scoring for them. Kansas City is far more balanced and used to coming from behind. So the Eagles have more to play for in the first half, because leading at the break means far more to them than to the Chiefs. Look for the Eagles to take the ball and try to score early to get ahead of Patrick Mahomes.


A fast Philly start plays well with an early Hurts touchdown. The Eagles know they probably need to think touchdown on their first drive, and passing the ball tends to be how you beat Kansas City. Philadelphia will likely hit KC with a heavy dose of Sanders early before letting Hurts attack the second level through the air. An early score likely comes on a short pass, which gives this prop excellent value.


On the Gambling Feud podcast, I recommended taking a flier on Yellow/Green (+350) and Orange (+300), as five of the past eight champions have used a team color for their Gatorade. The exceptions are red teams, as red has never won. Kansas City used orange in Super Bowl 54, making it the preferred choice if they won. At the time, both offered great value.

However, a lot of money has come in on Yellow/Green in anticipation of an Eagles victory. And that has sent it down to -150, which means the value is gone. Blue, once the favorite, is now at +650, behind red and purple. This is a lesson for next year: bet your Gatorade color early. It’s a popular bet, and once the money rolls in, the value will disappear.

EAGLES -1.5, -110

My props all relate to an Eagle victory, so that’s the way I’m playing this matchup. If you’re going to go for prop plays, you need to make them match your main play. It doesn’t make any sense to bet prop plays in anticipation of one team doing well when you’re not going to pick them for the actual game. The winning team has covered in 49 Super Bowls, so I’m not messing with the moneyline.

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