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NBA Deadwood Report: Pace’s Pick, Juice Play of the Day, Updated Yearly Standings for Wednesday 11/16

Days like yesterday make a guy go, you know what, maybe I can do this for a living. While, we know that’s 100 percent incorrect, giving people free winners feels good and that’s what we’ll continue to do here today.

My Pick for Wednesday, November 16

Ayo Dosunmu o2.5 rebounds (1.15u to win 1u)

Up until Monday, Ayo Dosunmu had hit his rebound prop over in every single game this season but against Denver he failed to record three or more. When you look at Dosunmu’s last three games, you’ll notice that he’s trending down in terms of total rebounds secured. Let’s go back to his first three games of the season. Dosunmu had six rebounds on Oct. 19, five rebounds on Oct. 21 and four on Oct. 22. All hit his over, however, his rebound totals were trending down. Similar to the stretch he’s currently on.

Ever since Nov. 7, Dosunmu has recorded one less rebound in each of his last two games. But happened on Oct. 24? He recorded six rebounds against Boston and snapped his downward spiral. That’s exactly what’s happening tonight against New Orleans. Dosunmu is averaging 3.8 rebounds per game this year and is playing over 30 minutes per contest. He’s getting chances, and tonight his 4-3-2 rebound trend ends as he’ll record more than three.

Juice Play of the Day for Wednesday, November 16

Terry Rozier o2.5 3’s (1.37u to win 1u)

I’ve upgraded today’s Juice Play of the Day to the Juice Play of the Month. Terry Rozier and Charlotte take on an Indiana team this evening that ranks dead last in opponent three point percentage. The Pacers have allowed teams to hit nearly 40 percent from deep this season, which is two percent worse than what they allowed last year.

Rozier is 9-of-17 from deep in his last two games against the Pacers. He’s also coming off a one of his worst shooting performances of the season on Monday where he went 1-for-8 from long range against Orlando. This is a perfect matchup for Rozier to wash that junky 3-point performance down the drain.

Tuesday Recap

  • @KotaCapperPace: J. Harris u2.5 3’s (win), NYK/Utah o117.5 1H (win)
  • @PumbaCakes: Pelicans TT u116.5 (win), S. Dinwiddie o2.5 3’s (loss), Jazz + Trail Blazers ML parlay (loss)
  • @KotaCapperBeast: L. Markkanen o7.5 rebounds (loss)
  • @CampbellDJosh: J. Harris o15.5 PRA’s (loss), Spurs/Trail Blazers u226 (loss)

Yearly Standings

  1. @djlo4422: 22-11 (+9.82u)
  2. @KotaCapperBeast: 17-8 (+8u)
  3. @Bruss35: 22-18 (+1.78u)
  4. @PumbaCakes: 22-19 (+1.46u)
  5. @CampbellDJosh: 1-2 (+0.37u)
  6. @Jake_Hazen31: 29-25 (+0.23u)
  7. @DonThomasMiller: 19-24 (-2.07u)
  8. @KotaCapperKyle: 16-15 (-2.17u)
  9. @KotaCapperPace: 14-24 (-11.61)
  10. @LocksJake: 13-36 (-13.94u)
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