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NBA Deadwood Report: Pace’s Pick, Juice Play of the Day, Updated Yearly Standings for Tuesday 11/15

They say, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” and we didn’t follow that rule yesterday. Detroit is the worst team in the league by a mile in the opening quarter and we backed them on Monday against Toronto. Stick to what we know and we’ll win our bets. It’s that easy.

My Pick for Tuesday, November 15

Knicks/Jazz o117.5 1H (1.1u, to win 1u)

According to the ESPN Hollinger Team Statistics, New York and Utah are fourth and fifth in offensive pace this season. The two teams are also a combined 19-8 to the first-half over and they’ll battle it out this evening inside Vivint Arena in Salt Lake City, Utah. The Jazz are playing their first home game since November 7 as they were on the road for their last three contests, while the Knicks hit the road for the first time in the last six days. Utah is averaging 67 points at home and New York is averaging just under 59 points per game. If my math is correct those two numbers added up equal around 125.

This number opened up at 116.5, so it’s moving up quickly and I’ve seen it as high as 118.5 at some books. This should be an entertaining contest

Juice Play of the Day for Tuesday, November 15

Joe Harris under 2.5 3’s made (1.5u to win 1u)

Remember when we started today’s report with, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” well that’s going to come into play with today’s juice play. Joe Harris has hit his 3-pointers prop under in all 12 of his games this season. He’s made two 3-pointers in eight of those 12 games and is averaging 5.6 attempts per contest this season. His under is at -150 today against Sacramento and on the road this season he’s dialed back his attempts a tad, so we’ll continue to ride Harris until he pops off for three or more 3-pointers, which better not be tonight.

Trend to Pay Attention To

  • The #BeastProp is on a 9-2 run since November 3.
  • @DonThomasMiller has won six of his last seven NBA bets.
  • @djlo4422 is on a 15-4 run since November 4.

Monday Recap

  • @KotaCapperBeast: J. Carter o18.5 PRA’s (win)
  • @PumbaCakes: OKC/Boston o228.5 (win)
  • @DonThomasMiller: Clippers -5.5 (win), Phoenix/Miami o216 (win)
  • @djlo4422: Pistons +4.5 (win), Rockets +5.5 (loss)
  • @Jake_Hazen31: Magic +1 (loss)
  • @Bruss35: Celtics -4 1Q (loss), Spurs +2.5 1Q (loss)
  • @KotaCapperPace: Bucks -160 1H (loss), Pistons +1.5 1Q (loss)

Yearly Standings

  1. @djlo4422: 22-11 (+9.82u)
  2. @KotaCapperBeast: 17-7 (+9.05u)
  3. @PumbaCakes: 21-17 (+3.77u)
  4. @Bruss35: 22-18 (+1.78u)
  5. @Jake_Hazen31: 29-25 (+0.23u)
  6. @DonThomasMiller: 19-24 (-2.07u)
  7. @KotaCapperKyle: 16-15 (-2.17u)
  8. @KotaCapperPace: 12-24 (-13.61)
  9. @LocksJake: 13-36 (-13.94u)
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