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CFB Fantasy League Grows; Who Takes Home Crown This Season?

League A’s Draft is set for Monday (today) and @kotaintern will post results on the website after. League B will draft at a later date. The draft is pretty simple. Each capper will have nine power five teams and three “flex” teams, which are any teams that are non power five. The only catch is that you have to draft 1 team from each power five conference before you can draft a second team from a power five conference. You can’t draft two SEC teams before you have one of every power five conferences. Flex picks can be done at any time. You can take 3 flex teams with your first three picks if you want.

I didn’t have a great strategy last season. I should rephrase that. I didn’t have a strategy last year. I just picked the best teams  available when my pick rolled around. This year, however, I’m going to try and draft the teams that I already placed win total overs for. Let’s get two birds stoned at once.

Best of luck to all the other competitors. I’m hoping to see more trash talking this season. I’m also going to live in the moment. I was the worst by far last season. My draft skills took a hit. This year, we have a strategy and are more prepared and I’m coming for that No. 1 spot.

*Records are updated on the website every week.

My 2022 Season Predictions

– Relegated: Kyle, Toast, Pumba

– Promoted: Beast, Thomas, VFC (League B is going to be a dog fight)

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