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man united is better of without Ronaldo

With the premier league season around the corner, just a little opinion article for you.  It is bad news for Eric tan heg the nw manager at least that is the go to line anyway in public.  Behind closed door tan heg must be punching the air a solution to a problem like the clouds parting to offer him a clean slate but lacked the autonomy to deliver.  Because the truth is Ronaldo was a bad signing in a broken transfer policy of a club run by a corporate brand. His desire to leave is just as telling, his individualism which has made him an albatross these past few years first a juventus now man united.  He is a man on a cingular mission in a team sport that no longer bends to his will.  Under tan heg Ronaldo would not have been good at team football tan heg tactics require constant movement and hard work both of which Ronaldo lacks that is no secret.  As a matter of fact he is in the lowest percentile the last year for ball pressure the absolute worst.  There is no space for constant complaints, feed him the ball and long hollywood passes at every opportunity.  Though he is a colossus of the game is hard to ignore, but that colossus is issuing advice and making demands that is inappropriate in football these days.

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