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Beast’s Best Bet 6/23/22

How are we doing, folks? I don’t have many bets today but I do have one play I locked in on heavy tonight and just figured I needed to pop in real quick and share. It would be a tragedy if I didn’t share my best bet for the night, right? So here we go…


Orioles/White Sox First 5 Innings Under 5 Runs

Okay, before I get to my nerdy stats BS let me drop some weatherman BS on you. As everyone knows, Chicago is the “Windy City” (can confirm a very fun city but very windy). Anyways, that windy weather we speak of is going to be in our favor with projected winds of 7 mph blowing inward (AKA balls will fly shorter). Now, is 7 mph crazy strong? No, it’s not, but it’s enough to definitely make a difference for us tonight.

Now to the boring nerdy part! So, some may worry about putting trust in Orioles starter Dean Kremer who until this season had not really shown any signs of being a legit starter in the MLB. Adding onto that point he even started this season off with an oblique injury, but since he has come back has been absolutely money (and in his AAA rehab starts he looked phenomenal as well). I know it’s a small sample size but he has looked much better this year and I think he can give us 5 good innings here. On the other side, I don’t think I have given Johnny Cueto NEARLY enough credit for how well he has done for the White Sox this year. I mean seriously, he has been tearing it up. The guy has five legit pitches and uses each of them quite significantly. Even if he barely throws 92 mph on that 4-seam he’s getting batters out. And the deep stats agree these stats aren’t a farce either, his ERA of 2.95 is not far off his expected ERA of 3.25. I think he pitches another very solid start tonight.

Add in a little weather, add in a little Johnny Cueto, and add in Dean Kremer pitching the best he ever has… and I think we got a damn good recipe for a first five under 5 runs. Let’s ride boys!

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