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well here we go city and Madrid in the 2nd leg with city protecting a 1 goal lead.  The first leg was quickly labeled by some as one of the best matches of all time, this often happens in the immediate aftermath of a good.  In reality the game was hugely one sided..  in terms of expected goals city held a huge edge 3.23-1.09(obviously non penalty expected goals).  madrid do deserve credit for beating psg and chelsea however over 5 knockout stage games madrids expect goal difference is -4.43.  City are superior to Madrid and at -110 that is a great price on city.  Real have gone further then they should have and their run should end Wednesday night.  A city win is expected might not be a comfy one but a win is a win.  city 4 unit play.  Remember follow me on twitter @biggame15018249 for other daily picks as well in the past 2 months a $100 bettor would be up $2300.  in closing bet with your head not over it.   I am out.

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