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Arena fun Nhl playoff edition

Well for me it’s the best time if year the Stanley cup playoffs are here thought I would do a fun article on what to look for at each arena during the playoffs. First let’s start with boston, probably going to see both goalies hugging at the end of games nit my favorite but a new tradition none the less. Calgary flames the “c” of red joint will be hopping for sure in the 1st round and maybe all the way to Stanley cup championship.  Los Angeles kings lots of celebs nit much more.  Nashville preds fans love to welcome their opponents to smashville by pounding a sledgehammer into a car with openers logo on it,  this barn rocks during playoff time.  possible upset a brewing in my opinion New York rangers will feature dancing larry,  Tampa Bay we will have thunder sticks.  Any team or fan base nit mentioned I apologize as could not find anything about playoff tradition.  sit back enjoy the first round.  For me tomorrow is like Christmas morning. lots of anticipation and great hickey to be played.  Follow me on twitter @biggame15018249 for daily picks as well.

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