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Odd/Even MLB Totals: Weekend Update

Everybody at the network makes fun of me when I place an odd/even totals bet. It’s a weird bet to make no doubt because there’s really no research you can do for it. I have started keeping track of odd/even totals in the MLB this season and odd runs dominated opening weekend.

Odd runs: 62-36

Top odd total teams

CIN: 4-0

ATL: 4-0

MIA: 4-0

MIL: 3-0

CWS: 3-0

DET: 3-0

CHI: 3-0

SF: 3-0

ARI: 3-1

SD: 3-1

Top even total teams

NYM: 3-1

WSH: 3-1

Top matchups for Monday, April 11

WSH (3-1 even runs) @ ATL (4-0 odd runs)

SD (3-1 even runs) @ SF (3-0 odd runs)

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