Big game hunter wins 12 units

well 1 week under my belt and if you followed me on Twitter you would have shown 12 units profit with my record of 20-13-1.  join the big game hunter winning ways as cashing tickets and making paper is what we do.  if I post it I play it.  whether you use % of bankroll for units or in my case 1 unit=$100 follow me and we will make money  Again follow me @biggame15018249 on twitter.  Don’t be fooled alot of scammers out there right now saying they never lose and are always in the green, well here is the skinny they will post Or tik toc these unrealistic units values for example they will go 2-8 and say they are on the green as both wins were 20 unit plays and up something crazy like “x” units if you read or see that run fast.  my plays will very between 1 unit and 10 units(which is rare)   I tried to grind out winning weeks consistently and not put anyone in the poor house as some people can’t afford $1000/game.  Remember guys and gals sportsbetting is a marathon not a sprint.  Again start following and winning with myself @biggame15018249.  Let’s have another winning week.

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