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What should Bruss’ new name be?

This morning, Bruss dropped a big announcement that kind of went unnoticed on Twitter.

If you have ever been on the internet the one meme/phrase that should come to mind is, “Let’s Go Brandon!” You don’t even need to be a political person to know what clip I’m talking about and if you don’t know what clip I’m talking about then I question your brain.

Love it or hate it, Bruss can’t be linked to Brandon Brown and his 2021 Sparks 300 victory. Some people have already suggested names for Bruss. Personally, I like Bruss (Not Bertrand Russell) and Raiders Russell but I didn’t suggest them. So, here are the odds for Bruss’ next name.

  • -850: B(ecause the Raiders lost, I now have to look myself in the mirror again this offseason and confidently say out loud that Derek Carr is my quarterback)russ
  • +550: Anything else
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