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CFP Final: PG’s Picks for the National Championship

Well, the game is finally here, and I know it’s not the most exciting matchup. However, there is an insane amount of NFL talent squaring off in this one. If you’re an NFL fan here’s an angle: someone on the field Monday Night will be playing for your pro team very soon.

Let’s get to the picks:

Alabama +3 (-110), 6 point Teaser: Alabama +9 Over 46.5 (-110)

Let’s these picks tonight simple. We are taking the best College Football Coach of all time, the Heisman winning quarterback, and we’re getting points. Nick Saban is 25-1 against his former assistants with an average score of 42-18.(!!!)

Before anyone says, “yeah, everyone and their momma is on Bama tonight” the bets are reportedly 60-40 in favor of Bama. Not worried about that angle at all. Let’s talk about the actual game, shall we?

Okay, first we need to remember Bama SMOKED Georgia 41-24 just a few weeks ago. Now we shouldn’t let this be our only reason for wanting to take Bama here, but we can’t simply overlook this game either. Alabama outgained Georgia by almost 100 yards and didn’t turn the ball over. Georgia QB Stetson Bennett threw 2 interceptions. If Bama gets up big early on Georgia again it could get very ugly. Bennett is simply not a good enough quarterback to bring the Bulldogs back from a large deficit. At the end of the day, the first game doesn’t matter now, but I’m not going to just look past it either.

John Metchie (Alabama WR) got hurt in the SEC Championship game and will not be playing in this one. It’s a big loss for Bama, but let’s not pretend like Alabama doesn’t have talent in waiting. Alabama recruits better than pretty much anyone ever has.

Georgia has a great defense no doubt. At least 10, if not all 11, Bulldog defenders will play in the NFL at some point. Alabama had a great gameplan for Georgia last game, and I would assume have something dialed up this game too.

A lot of people like Georgia in this game because they’re pointing at Alabama not blowing the doors off of Cincy in the CFP Semifinal game. I think that’s disrespecting Cincinnatti a lot. Cincy was a good team with a really good secondary. Forced Alabama to run the ball, and not get big chunk plays through the air. Alabama still put a dominant game together, winning 27-6, completely shutting down Cincy’s offense. The Tide defense allowed only 214 yards while the offense put up 482 yards.

It should be noted in Georgia’s semifinal game against Michigan the Wolverines actually moved the ball fairly effectively at times but shot itself in the foot repeatedly with turnovers. Georgia came away with a big 34-11 win in that one, and I thought the Bulldog’s offense actually looked pretty solid which is why I like this teased over with the Bama spread. I personally don’t see Georgia beating Bama by 10+, and with this game being in a dome on turf I think we’ll see some explosive plays.

At the end of the day, I’m going with Nick Saban, the best coach of all time. I’m going with the Heisman-winning Quarterback and an underrated defense, taking on a Georgia team that hasn’t won a championship since 1980. I expect Saban and the Tide to show up and play well tonight. Nick Saban owns his former assistants in these types of spots.

RTR. Best of luck!

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