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Kota Cappers React to DJ Fading the Group Send (UNI -4.5) on Wednesday Night

Last night DJ dropped unexpected news.

After the Kota Cappers group decided to group send UNI -4.5 for every single unit possible, DJ announced he took Bradley money line.

Here’s what the Kota Cappers had to say about DJ’s move.

@PumbaCakes: “No comment. I’ll let his actions speak for themselves.”

@Bruss35: “I’m disappointed in how it played out. I didn’t take DJ for a Judas. Hopefully, over time he can prove he isn’t. But for now, he is.”

@VonFlueChoke: “The actions we say from my dear friend DJ last night were inexcusable. We encourage fading in this group and a courtesy heads up is all we ever ask for in return. We will forgive and forget quickly as we do here, however, I can’t help but feel for my dear friends Soup, Pace, PG, Bruss, Pumba and Toast who lost everything standing on the front lines along with myself last night. We will be back stronger. This is a minor setback for a major comeback.”

@PotatoGobbler: “It just would’ve been nice to know we had a fader in our midst. We almost won but there were unknown negative vibes going around. It was just enough to bring us all down.”

@toastfanclub: “DJ and I go way back all the way to Mrs. Otterstodds class in 3rd grade. I’ll never forget the first time I laid eyes on DJ. I knew right away that he was gonna be my lifelong best friend. I never thought any of this could change, I thought it would be us for the rest of our lives together. Just him and I, living life together to the fullest. That all abruptly changed last night when DJ, the love of my life, backstabbed me by taking not only Bradley +4.5, but also taking Bradley ML. Ultimate skell move. Didn’t hear a peep about it until Bradley secured the win. Disgusting. DJ and I will no longer be in contact, as he is the scum of the earth to me. That’s all I have to say, have a good life old friend.”

@KommDog: “Dj and I have always been close. Only being a year apart, we basically group up together playing outdoor games and talking about school. We also both had the travesty of having our last semesters of college happening as the pandemic started, so we got really close with that. I knew he was a big sports gambler, as was I so I asked him if he’d be interested in doing a Twitter page where we have his picks go up against mine. He agreed and thus Gambling Feud started. DJ is a great guy and one of the most reliable guys out there. Super happy him and I are as close as we are and I’m excited to have more memories with him.”

@CampbellDJosh: “DJ wouldn’t have said a word about his Bradley bet if UNI would’ve covered.”

@KotaCapperPace: “I’m stunned. I told the group maybe we should flip to Bradley +4.5 after everyone and their mother including the world was on UNI -4.5. I got crucified by fellow members of the network. I went all in on UNI -4.5. ALL IN. And yet, DJ took the other said and said not one single word about it before tipoff. I love DJ but my heart is broken.

DJ’s announcement:

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