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Sunday Spreads: Best Bets for November 14

Once again, I was able to pull out enough wins to get a positive result for the day on Friday, which is what it’s all about. There are always going to be weird things that happen in the world of sports betting, which makes following your process and sorting through your information properly critical. Sometimes, you’ll do everything right and lose, but if you’re getting the right information and using it correctly, you’re going to win more often than not.

It’s a football Sunday and there’s college basketball available as well, so there are plenty of chances to put sound logic into action. Here are my best plays for November 14.

YALE +12.5

The Ivy League has been out of sight and out of mind for over a year, which means most basketball fans have forgotten about Yale. Yale was the Ivy League champion in 2019, and the Bulldogs are still a very good mid-major squad. They just drilled Massachusetts by 20 at home, and while that probably says more about Massachusetts than it does Yale, it’s still a solid performance. They should be able to hang with Seton Hall most of the way.


Even though the Seminoles have to go to Gainesville, I’d much rather take Florida State in this situation than Florida. The Seminoles looked excellent in whacking Pennsylvania, and the Gators were rather pedestrian against Elon. Leonard Hamilton has dominated this rivalry in recent years, and I think the Seminoles look like the stronger side here.


Indianapolis has played a tough home schedule to date, losing to the Rams, the Titans and the Seahawks when they had a healthy Russell Wilson. In their other two home games, they looked outstanding against Houston and the Jets, and I expect the same will happen against Jacksonville. The Jaguars might have upset Buffalo last week, but they’re not putting out two great performances in consecutive weeks. Indianapolis should roll.


In the words of Richard Harrison from Pawn Stars, I’m going to ride this horse until it dies and then hopefully cut a steak off it. Atlanta has now led at halftime in five consecutive weeks, and they’re inexplicably getting points in the first half against a Dallas team that looked terrible against Denver last week. The Cowboys are better than what they showed, but Atlanta is a great first-half team. Save yourself the ride on the roller coaster and get the Falcons in the first 30 minutes.


Tom Brady is still really good at throwing the football. The Washington Football Team is really bad at defending the pass. You probably see where this is going. Throw in that the Bucs are coming off a bye and rarely play two poor games in a row, and you have a recipe for what should be a pretty comfortable cover for Tampa Bay.


The Browns were a live dog in this spot against Cincinnati, and the same might hold with them going to New England. The Patriots don’t have the running game to match the Browns, nor can Mac Jones really beat a team by himself. Cleveland should be able to move the ball on New England, and if you can keep the offense on the field against the Patriots, you can win. The Browns are a solid play.

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