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Wild Card Wednesday: Best Bets for September 29

We almost got a win for the day on Tuesday, but St. Louis’ bats did just enough damage to push their game over, leaving us with a 2-3 mark for the totals bets. Wednesday offers a full slate of MLS games along with a few good options for MLB bets, so we’ve got plenty of choice to pick out here. Here are my top plays for September 29.


Los Angeles is playing very poorly at the moment and has been shut out in its past two road contests. That leaves them ripe for the picking as they head to Salt Lake, where RSL has moved itself into one of the playoff places. A win here would get RSL in the mix to host a first-round match, and based off what the Galaxy has shown me, I cannot see them putting up much of a fight.


I really don’t want to bet against either Seattle or Frankie Montas right now, so the best thing to do here is back the under and hope for a strong performance from both pitchers. Montas has been outstanding on the mound as of late, but Seattle has everything to play for and has owned Oakland, so I don’t want to touch the Athletics here.


The Padres are toast and the Dodgers likely have the wild card game to think about. Los Angeles needs to get itself set up for that contest, and that means the Dodgers don’t want to waste any more arms than necessary in the final week of the season. As long as Scherzer is in control of the game, the Dodgers will let him keep going as long as he wants, and with the Padres disinterested, this number should be very attainable.


With this matchup, you’re either going to lose early or cruise to a victory. Why? These teams play one of two ways: either Seattle blows the Earthquakes’ doors off from the opening minutes, or the match finishes 0-0 or 1-0. Over the teams’ past seven meetings, five of them have featured a goal or less (Seattle won the other two by a combined score of 11-2), and with the Sounders having just played a grueling game with Kansas City, I expect them to be looking to get in and out with a 1-0 win. I don’t think we see much offense here.

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