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Contest Recap: Dan Wins Takes Home the Prize

Recently at the Kota Sports Gambling Network we decided that our monthly contest would be broken down to four mini contests. The winner for each week gets a cash prize and the capper that wins the most units for the month will also receive an additional cash prize. August was the first month with the new format and shoutout to Dan as he took home the prize for winning the most unit this past week (8/1-8/7). Below you can find the breakdown for how each capper did over the seven day stretch. Everyone’s units reset today, so check back tomorrow to see who is in the lead to start the second contest of the month. As always, you can follow all our cappers at @kotacappers.

8/1-8/7 Standings 

  1. @danangell11: +11.46 units (Finished 29-24 on the week but won 18 of his final 23 bets to end the week).
  2. @PritchardDallas: +9.44 units
  3. @KotaCapperPace: +6.42 units
  4. @djlo4422: +4.60 units
  5. @bruss35: 0.00 units
  6. @pumbacakes: -2.87 units
  7. CampbellDJosh: -4.90 units
  8. @KommDog: -16.90 units
  9. @cheapiechipper: -19.33 units (was up 10 units on Saturday but lost a few late UFC fights).


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