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Apology: We suck right now

A wise human once told me, “If you’re going to suck, suck hard.” That couldn’t be more true for myself and the other cappers at the network.

With six days left of the July cappers contest, six of our nine cappers are negative units for the month. We suck right now. Toast lost about 30 units in damn near three days. Never go full chase mode but it’s the only mode he knows.

It got so bad for Kyle that he shut it down for the month on Friday night.

It’s gotten so bad for pretty much everyone that Dallas, who is serving a one week suspension that ends Tuesday is most likely going to stay in first-place for one week straight without making any picks. Now he didn’t lose any units either but the fact that no one could catch a man stuck in mud is sad. Granted, if Dallas does win there most likely will be an asterisk by his name in the history books.

Hand up, I’ll be the punching bag for everyone’s jokes about how the Kota Cappers don’t know shit about sports gambling. But first, I want to apologize. Every single one of our cappers along with myself have to be better. If there’s anyone that needs college football back the most, it’s all of us at the Kota Sports Gambling Network. But that doesn’t mean we are going to stop grinding.

DJ and Soup will continue to grind and find value in the MLB. Also, shoutout Soup. He’s up close to four units this month and has a 14-8 record this month. He’s also won five out of his last six plays and now that I’ve jinxed him it would be wise to fade him for the rest of July. Pumba will continue to bet on or against the Minnesota Twins and find a way to go .500 on those picks. While Toast, Bread or Cheapie (whatever he goes by now) will find you UFC plays and most likely tweet out “Done” or “Retired” once a day. If you love soccer, Dan is your guy. He’s been giving out some winners this month on the pitch, so be sure to check out his blogs. And me, myself and I will be in the weeds. Russian basketball? I’m in. 3 x 3 Olympic Basketball? I’m in. International Friendlies? In. 5-team MLB parlays because I have better success winning one of those compared to a side or total bet in the MLB? Bet it and let’s ride.

Dallas’ suspension ends soon and Bruss and Kyle will be back from their mini breaks. We have an odd group here at the network but I wouldn’t want to have it any other way and whether we are winning bets or not, we’ll continue to bring you great content.

At least we aren’t making you pay for our picks like some accounts out there.

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