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College Guess Em: Khris Middleton

I’ve added a little twist to the game, however. Below you’ll find three clues. These clues are to help you. Some clues are harder than most. Drop your answers in the comments. Maybe one day we’ll turn this into a board game.

Player: Khris Middleton

Current Team: Milwaukee Bucks

Clue #1: PC Principal – principal at South Park Elementary, reveals he went to this university in the season 19 episode Stunning and Brave.

Clue #2: This university’s football stadium is the tallest structure in the city.

Clue #3: This university’s basketball program has retired just one players jersey. He was nicknamed “The Shot” in college and played in the NBA for four seasons (Hawks, Warriors x2, Bobcats, Bulls and Grizzlies)

Where did Khris Middleton go to college?

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