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College Guess Em: Jae Crowder

A couple buddies and I have this game we play in the car when we are coming back from the golf course and I thought it would be fun to turn it into a daily morning blog. Somebody shouts out a player and the rest of the car has to guess where that player went to college.

I’ve added a little twist to the game, however. Below you’ll find three clues. These clues are to help you. Some clues are harder than most. Drop your answers in the comments. Maybe one day we’ll turn this into a board game.

Player: Jae Crowder

Current Team: Phoenix Suns

Clue #1: Two former well known Miami Heat players played basketball at this university.

Clue #2: This university is located in the city where the motorcycle company Harley Davidson was founded.

Clue #3: This university does not have a football team. 

Where did Jae Crowder go to college after he went to South Georgia Tech and Howard College?

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