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Sports Handicapper Review: @BatemanBets

Editor’s note: For the past week (6/16-6/23), I’ve been following @BatemanBets. Any sports handicapper can get hot but if we stretch it over two different weeks plus a weekend slate it gives us a better look into how they perform. These reviews are in no way to tear any sports handicapper. It’s just for the sports gambling community to see how their favorite handicappers perform over a span of seven days. 

Twitter: @BatemanBets

Website: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1yjK-L8xytgUOm_GYalBEmTcbvo47IqT5Cj1268r57HM/edit#gid=0 

How long on Twitter: Joined 2020

Followers on 6/16/21: 2,929

Followers at end of day on 6/23/21: 2,951

Twitter bio on 6/16/21: I hate bookies. CBB, CFB, and MLB handicapper. Also try to handicap NBA, NHL and NFL just a bit. All bets placed with @bookiefast. MAX BETS: 10-3 (+34.5U)

Handicapping these sports: CBB, CFB, MLB, NBA, NHL and NFL

Charge for picks? No. It looks like all plays are free. 

What to expect: @BatemanBets is a heavy baseball guy, and a lot of handicappers are at this moment during the year because there isn’t a ton of sports being played. The account will tweet 2-5 times per day and will usually send out a recap tweet from the night before stating how the plays went. @BatemanBets is a very honest sports handicapper. On June 1, the account tweeted that if he didn’t end the month of June up at least 7.5 units he’d give away $100 to one of his followers. There’s a lot of sports handicappers that just tweet out there plays and don’t interact with their fans but @BatemanBets seems to do a pretty good job of interacting with his community. Following @BatemanBets for a week, I felt like three to six bets a day was the standard. He did take an NBA Future with the Brooklyn Nets to win the title at +300 (4 units) unfortunately that will not be a hit. 

Notes: @BatemanBets places all bets with @BookieFast. @BookieFast is based out of Las Vegas, NV and joined Twitter in March 2021. Their bio states: “Best bookie in the game… accept, PayPal, Cashapp, Zelle, Crypto, ApplePay, GooglePlay. Any day payout. @BookieFast follows 117 and has 3,724 followers on Twitter. 


Wednesday, June 16
Marlins -1.5 (+165) 1u (L)

Brewers -1.5 (+150) 1u (L)

White Sox -1.5 (+160) 1u (L)

White Sox/Rays u7.5 (+100) 1u (L)

Recap: 0-4 (-4 units)


Thursday, June 17

Giants -1.5 (+110) 1u (W)

Mets -1.5 (+170) 1u (L)

Cardinals ML (+170) 1u (L)

Reds ML (+160) 1u (L)

Brewers -1.5 (+100) 1u (L)

Recap: 1-4 (-2.9 units)


Friday, June 18

Indians -1.5 (+120) 1u (L)

Marlins ML (+140) 1u (W)

White Sox -1.5 (+150) 1u (L)

Giants -1.5 (+160) 1u (W)

Rays ML (-110) 2u (L)

Recap: 2-3 (-1 unit)

No recap tweet

Saturday, June 19

Athletics ML (+110) 1u (L)

Marlins ML (+110) 1u (W)

Indians -1.5 (+140) 1u (L)

Red Sox -1.5 (+130) 1u (W)

White Sox ML (+120) 1u (L)

Recap: 2-3 (-0.6 units)

No recap tweet

Sunday, June 20

No plays

Monday, June 21

No plays

Tuesday, June 22

No plays

Wednesday, June 23

Rays ML (-140) 1u (W)

Marlins ML (+110) 1u (L)

Athletics -1.5 (+110) 1u (L)

Recap: 1-2 (-1.29 units)

No recap tweet as of 10:20 am (CT)

Final play: @BatemanBets had zero winning days in the week that I followed his plays. Again, a week doesn’t and shouldn’t define a sports handicapper. Some handicappers get real hot over a seven day stretch and then cool off for the rest of the month. Or some handicappers have a cold stretch for a few days and rattle off 15-20 winning days in a row. A week isn’t a good representation of how a sports handicapper does that month. However, people on Twitter are always looking for advice and plays from sports handicappers. If I started following @BatemanBets in early June and somebody else decided to start following his plays in late June, at the end of the day sports handicappers have to be on the top of their game every single day. One good week will bring in followers but how you keep those followers and gain even more is how you perform the next week after hitting it out of the park or vice versa. You’ll notice that @BatemanBets didn’t have any plays from Sunday-Tuesday. He took a trip to Las Vegas and notified his followers on Tuesday: https://twitter.com/BatemanBets/status/1407728019809226752

Now, I’m not here to give advice to sports handicappers on how to run their Twitter account. I’m just here to give the people my review of @BatemanBets. But I was a tad bit frustrated that we didn’t hear from @BatemanBets until after his trip in Las Vegas ended. I was looking for his plays on Sunday-Tuesday and his Twitter account was silent. Did he hang it up? Was he taking a break? Does he just not make plays on Sunday, Monday or Tuesday? As a new follower, it frustrated me. Again, take that as you may.

Overall, for the week I followed @BatemanBets, I give this sports handicapper a C+. I like that he has a Google spreadsheet that shows you his winning percentage for each sport. He also keeps track of his max bet record and while he didn’t make any over that seven day period, I do like that he includes the record in his Twitter bio. No positive days obviously hurts his grade but engaging with his community, giving out $100 if he doesn’t finish above 7.5 units this month and tweeting out his units and odds to every play were positives.

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