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A World Virus Becomes a Gambling Virus

by: @PritchardDallas

John Rahm led the Memorial Golf Tournament this last weekend by 6 strokes (-18) after his third round at Muirfield Village when he found out that he had tested positive for COVID-19. This news made him withdraw and unfortunately, counted all Rahm’s gambling tickets as a loss. Rahm started the weekend as the “favorite” at 10-1 odds. I personally had a ticket on him at +850 and “The Big 9” (meaning the Top 9 favorites) to win the Memorial golf tournament at +120. Jon Rahm was part of this “Big 9″ play. Patrick Cantlay won the tournament at -13 and luckily for me, he was also part of the “Big 9″ play.

What Should Have Been Done

Why was the PGA not ready for something like this? Why was Rahm not vaccinated? Why couldn’t he have played a fourth round with a mask? Why couldn’t he have played a fourth round at all? The PGA should be embarrassed that they had not planned for a player in contention to randomly test positive for the virus. When a player with Rahm’s skill level is up 6 strokes with one day left it was all but a done deal. This has to be the worst beat I have ever had. At +850 this would have made it a huge week. The PGA NEEDS TO IMPLEMENT A COVID-19 PLAN IMMEDIATELY. I would suggest they make arrangements for a player testing positive for the virus, to play golf when no one is around and privately scored so any threat of spreading is minimal, if at all. I feel bad for Rahm himself, fellow bettors who had Rahm and my empty pockets as a consequence of the worldwide failure to prevent this virus from directly affecting the sports books. Congrats to Cantlay for winning a second place – cough, ,cough – first place trophy.

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