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Kota Kapper Trivia Contest Presented by Gambling Feud 5-18-21

Picture this: 6 Kota Kappers competing against each other in a 15 round trivia contest. Well that’s exactly what will be happening next Tuesday, May 18 on the Gambling Feud Podcast. We got a matchup of Gambling Feud vs. Mount Lockmore. Kota Kapper Kyle Kommes will be hosting the 32 question trivia contest. Who are the teams you may ask? Representing Team Gambling Feud will be DJ, Soup, and Toast. Representing Team Mount Lockmore (who have revealed their team name to be the Snake Charmers) will be Pace, BRuss, and Pumba Cakes.

The contest will contain two questions (one from each team) from 15 different sports that will test the whit and general sports knowledge of the Kota Kappers. Many questions will be easy that almost any will know, but many questions will truly make the Kappers think. You will not see a contest quite like this around the Dakotas in a long time!

Think you will be able to do better than the 6 Kappers? You will have your shot, as for the first time ever, the Gambling Feud Podcast will also be streaming live on our Kota Kapper Youtube Page. There will be a live chat for you viewers at home to let the Kappers know how they’re doing, and if you knew the answer to the questions. If we can get our privileges back on Youtube, we will also be live streaming the contest on FaceBook Live. Don’t have time Sunday to toon in? No worries! You can always listen to the Gambling Feud podcast on Spotify, Apple Music, and Google Play to hear the contest for yourself.

Finally predictions? I believe we have ourselves an equal ball game. Both teams know a lot about some things and very little about other things. What’s the line for our contest? Right now it’s at a PICK EM. Place your bets, grab your cold drinks, get your trivia minds ready and join all of the Kappers for the first ever Kota Kappers Sports Trivia Contest!

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