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The Gambling Feud Podcast: Everything You Need To Know About Our Latest Podcast

The Gambling Feud Podcast is the latest podcast to join the Kota Sports Gambling Network. We are proud to announce DJ Loutsch and Kyle Kommes new podcast will drop this coming Thursday.

What is the Gambling Feud: The Gambling Feud is a gambling competition between two cousins and avid sports lovers. We will cover a wide variety of content from news in sports, to sports debates, to stats, and of course, we will include sports gambling. These two have been close throughout their entire lives and are looking forward to bringing their knowledge of sports and sports gambling to listeners everywhere.

Who are the hosts: Kyle Kommes (@KommDog) and DJ Loutsch (@djlo4422) will be on the microphone for the show. DJ has been sports gambling for a number of years now and has several stories to share about some profitable nights at the casino. Kyle has had his fair share of profitable nights in the casino and has been a lifelong sports lover.

When will the podcast be released: Episode 1 will be out on Spotify and Apple Music on Thursday, February 4. The podcast will be a weekly podcast that will air every Thursday or Friday.

Can we expect other gambling content: Yes! Kyle and DJ will cover the basics of sports betting and gambling in general for those that are new to the sports betting field and gambling field and also tips for those that are seasoned.

Is the podcast year-round: The podcast will be year-round and will be weekly, except there will be special episodes dropped as well. There will be a March Madness special, a fantasy football special, and so much more!

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