Kota Capper: Brandon Russell

Brandon is our top hockey betting expert and won his first four bets of the 2021 NHL season. He hasn’t let anyone forget that.

Howdy folks, Brandon Russell here. I am a proud graduate of West Virginia, and if my anxiety levels are high, it probably means  I just got done watching a WVU game. I am the “top” hockey betting expert and won my first four bets of the 2021 NHL season. I won’t let anyone forget that.

Twitter: @bruss35

League GameDatePickScoreResult
NHLVancouver @ Ottawa3/15/21O6.5 (contest pick)3-2LOSS
NHLChicago @ Florida3/15/21Chicago ML (contest pick)3-6LOSS
NHLSan Jose @ VGK3/15/21VGK -1.5 (contest pick)1-2LOSS
NHLSan Jose @ VGK3/15/21O6.5 (contest pick)1-2LOSS
CBBCincinatti @ Houston 3/14/21Houston -13.5 (contest pick)54-91WIN
CBBOSU @ Illinois3/14/21O148 (contest pick)88-91WIN
CBBOSU @ Illinois 3/14/21Illinois -6.5 (contest pick)88-91LOSS
CBBOhio State @ Michigan 3/13/21O143 (contest pick)68-67LOSS
CBBIowa @ Illinois 3/13/21O154.5 (contest pick)71-82LOSS
CBBOK State @ Texas3/13/21OK State ML (contest pick)86-91LOSS
CBBMaryland @ Michigan 3/12/21Michigan -9 (contest pick)66-79 WIN
CBBMSST @ Bama 3/12/21Bama -7.5 (contest pick)48-85WIN
CBBOhio State @ Purdue 3/12/21Purdue ML (contest pick)87-78LOSS
CBBOK State @ Baylor3/12/21OK State +9 (contest pick)83-74WIN
CBBUNC @ FSU 3/12/21FSU -3 (contest pick)66-69PUSH
CBBUConn @ Creighton 3/12/21UConn ML (contest pick)56-59LOSS
CBBBall State @ Toledo 3/11/21O156 (contest pick)89-91WIN
CBBOK State @ WVU3/11/21O149.5 (contest pick)72-69LOSS
CBBMinnesota @ Ohio State 3/11/21Minnesota +11 (contest pick)74-79WIN
CBBKansas State @ Baylor 3/11/21Baylor -20 (contest pick)68-74LOSS
CBBDePaul @ UConn3/11/21UConn -6.5 (1H) (contest pick)22-45WIN
CBBCal @ Colorado 3/11/21Colorado -7.5 (1H) (contest pick)20-24LOSS
CBBSJSU @ Wyoming3/10/21O149 (contest pick)80-111WIN
CBBMarquette @ G'Town3/10/21Marquette -4 (contest pick)49-68LOSS
CBBDuke @ Louisville3/10/21Louisville ML (contest pick)70-56LOSS
CBBMinnesota vs. Northwestern3/10/21Minnesota ML (contest pick)51-46WIN
CBBCal @ Stanford 3/10/21Stanford -3.5 (1H) (contest pick)35-29LOSS
CBBBYU @ Gonzaga 3/9/21Gonzaga -14 (contest pick)78-88LOSS
CBBManhattan @ Fairfield 3/9/21Manhattan -2.5 (contest pick)58-59LOSS
CBBLBSU @ CSN3/9/21CSN -2.5 (contest pick)85-63LOSS
CBBBoston College @ Duke3/9/21Duke -13 (contest pick)51-86WIN
CBBSMC @ Gonzaga3/8/21Gonzaga O80.5 (contest pick)55-78LOSS
CBBMilwaukee @ Cleveland State3/8/21O141.5 (contest pick)65-71LOSS
CBB2-way parlay3/8/21NDSU ML, SDSU MLLOSS
FCSWestern Illinois @ South Dakota State3/6/21South Dakota State -26 (contest pick)10-45WIN
CBBOklahoma State @ WVU3/6/21WVU -10.585-80LOSS
CBBUSC @ UCLA3/6/21USC -2.5 (contest pick)64-63LOSS
CBBTexas A&M @ Arkansas3/6/21Arkansas -15 (contest pick)80-87LOSS
NHLTampa Bay @ Chicago 3/5/21Tampa Bay -1.5 (contest pick)3-4LOSS
CBBBall State @ Toledo 3/5/21O155.5 (contest pick)70-89WIN
CBBFGCU @ UNA3/5/21FGCU -2.5 (contest pick)81-86LOSS
NHLColumbus @ Dallas3/4/21O5.5 (contest pick)3-2LOSS
NHLPanthers @ Predators 3/4/21Panthers ML (contest pick)5-4WIN
NHLFlyers @ Penguins3/4/21Flyers ML (contest pick)4-3WIN
NHLArizona @ LA Kings3/3/21LA Kings ML (contest pick)3-2LOSS
CBBCreighton @ Nova3/3/21Nova -4.5 (contest pick)60-72WIN
CBBSDSU @ UNLV3/3/21SDSU -9.5 (contest pick)71-62LOSS
NHLTampa Bay @ Dallas3/2/21O5.5 (contest pick)2-0LOSS
NBAKnicks @ Spurs3/2/21Knicks ML (contest pick)93-119LOSS
NBAClippers @ Celtics3/2/21Clippers -4 (contest pick)112-117LOSS
NHL3-way parlay3/1/21CGY/OTT O6, TOR/EDM O6.5, VAN/WPG O6.5LOSS
NBAUtah @ New Orleans3/1/21Utah -7 (contest pick)124-129LOSS
CBBUNC @ Syracuse3/1/21UNC -2.5 (contest pick)70-72LOSS
Parlay4-way parlay 2/28/21NDSU ML, OSU ML, MSU ML, USU ML (contest pick)LOSS
NHLDetroit @ Chicago 2/28/21Chicago -1.5 (contest pick)2-7WIN
CBBIowa @ Ohio State 2/28/21O156 (contest pick)73-57LOSS
CFBDixie State @ Tarleton State2/27/21Tarleton State -27.5 (contest pick)26-14LOSS
CFBSDSU @ UND2/27/21SDSU -10 (contest pick)17-28LOSS
CBBTennessee @ Auburn 2/27/21Tennessee -8 (contest pick)72-77LOSS
NBAUtah @ Miami2/26/21Utah -6.5 (contest pick)116-124LOSS
NHLKings @ Wild2/26/21O5.51-3LOSS
NBAHornets @ Warriors 2/26/21O233.5 (contest pick)121-130WIN
NHL3-way parlay 2/25/21MTL/WPG O6, CGY/OTT O6, EDM/VAN O6.5 (contest pick)LOSS
CBBIowa @ Michigan 2/25/21O155 (contest pick)57-79LOSS
CBBSanta Clara @ Gonzaga 2/25/21Gonzaga -16 (1H) (contest pick)38-40LOSS
CBBUSC @ Colorado 2/25/21USC ML (contest pick)62-80LOSS
NHLAnaheim @ Arizona2/24/21O5.5 (contest pick)3-4WIN
CBBAlabama @ Arkansas2/24/21Alabama ML (contest pick)66-81LOSS
CBBIndiana @ Rutgers2/24/21O133 (contest pick)63-74WIN
CBBIowa State @ Baylor 2/23/21Baylor -23 (contest pick)37-32LOSS
CBBIowa State @ Baylor 2/23/21Baylor -13 (1H) (contest pick)72-77LOSS
NBASacramento @ Brooklyn2/23/21O242 (contest pick)118-127WIN
CBBOregon @ USC2/22/21USC -4 (contest pick)58-72WIN
NHLVGK @ Colorado 2/22/21O5.5 (contest pick)3-0LOSS
NBAPortland @ Phoenix2/22/21O227 (contest pick)100-132WIN
NHLMTL @ Ottawa2/21/21MTL -1.5 (contest pick)2-3LOSS
CBBMichigan @ Ohio State2/21/21Ohio State ML92-87LOSS
CFBYoungstown State @ NDSU2/21/21NDSU -27 (contest pick)7-25LOSS
CBBArizona @ USC2/20/21USC -7 (contest pick)81-72LOSS
NHLFlorida @ Detroit2/20/21Florida -1.5 (contest pick)1-2LOSS
NHLVGK @ Colorado 2/20/21Colorado ML (contest pick)2-3WIN
CFBSamford @ ETSU2/20/21ETSU +6.5 (contest pick)17-24WIN
NBAPhoenix @ New Orleans2/19/21O231 (contest pick)132-114WIN
NHLFlorida @ Detroit 2/19/21Florida -1.5 (contest pick)7-2WIN
CFBSDSU @ UNI2/19/21SDSU -2 (contest pick)24-20WIN
NHL2-way parlay 2/18/21PHI ML, BOS ML (contest pick)LOSS
CBBIowa @ Wisconsin 2/18/21Iowa ML (contest pick)77-62WIN
NHLNYI @ Pittsburg2/18/21NYI ML (contest pick)1-4LOSS
CBBSMC @ Gonzaga2/18/21Gonzaga -11.5 (1H) (contest pick)24-51WIN
NHL3-way parlay2/17/21VAN/CGY O6
OTT/TOR O6.5 (contest pick)
NBAMiami @ Golden State2/17/21Golden State -0.5 (1Q) (contest pick)36-24LOSS
CBBArizona State @ USC2/17/21USC -10 (contest pick)71-89WIN
NHLColorado @ VGK2/16/21O6 (contest pick)3-2LOSS
CBBBGSU @ Ball State2/16/21O150 (contest pick)75-62LOSS
NHLWashington @ Pittsburg2/16/21O6.5 (contest pick)3-1LOSS
SoccerLIV @ LEI2/16/21LEI ML2-0LOSS
SoccerPSG @ BAR2/16/21BAR ML4-1LOSS
NBABrooklyn @ Sacramento 2/15/21Brooklyn -1 (1Q) (contest pick)36-37LOSS
CBBVirginia @ Florida State2/15/21Virginia ML (contest pick)60-81WIN
NHLFlorida @ Tampa Bay2/15/21O6 (contest pick)6-4LOSS
NHLColorado @ VGK2/14/21VGK ML (contest pick)0-1WIN
NHLColorado @ VGK2/14/21O6.5 (contest pick)0-1LOSS
NHLWashington @ Pittsburg2/14/21O6.5 (contest pick)3-6WIN
CBBUSC @ Washington State2/13/21USC -8 (contest pick)76-65WIN
CBBSouth Dakota State @ Oral Roberts2/13/21South Dakota State -3.5 (contest pick)86-103LOSS
CBB2-way parlay2/13/21Oregon ML/Auburn ML (contest pick)LOSS
CBBDetroit @ Cleveland State2/12/21O138 (contest pick)89-83WIN
NBASan Antonio @ Atlanta 2/12/21Atlanta -0.5 (1Q) (contest pick)36-29LOSS
NHLBoston @ NYR2/12/21Boston -15 (contest pick)1-0LOSS
CBBUSC @ Washington 2/11/21USC -11.569-54WIN
NBAPhiladelphia @ Portland 2/11/21Philadelphia -1.5 (1Q) (contest pick)36-37LOSS
NHLAnaheim @ VGK2/11/21O6 (contest pick)1-0LOSS
NHLCanada Parlay 2/11/21EDM/MTL O6.5, OTT/WPG O6, CGY/VAN O6 (contest pick)LOSS
NHL2-way parlay 2/10/21Toronto/Boston ML (contest pick)TOR 4-2
BOS 3-2
CBBMissouri @ Ole Miss2/10/21Missouri ML (contest pick)59-80LOSS
CBBVirginia @ Georgia Tech2/10/21Virginia -4 (contest pick)57-49WIN
CBBUConn @ Providence 2/10/21UConn -2.559-70LOSS
NHLANA/VGK2/9/21O5.5 (contest pick)4-5WIN
NBAGolden State @ San Antonio 2/9/21Golden State -0.5 (1Q) (contest pick)28-26WIN
CBBArkansas @ Kentucky2/9/21Arkansas -105 (contest pick)81-80WIN
CBBGonzaga @ BYU2/8/21Gonzaga -10.5 (contest pick)82-71WIN
NBAGolden State @ San Antonio2/8/21Golden State ML (contest pick)100-105LOSS
NHLEdmonton @ Ottawa2/8/21Edmonton -1.5 (contest pick)3-1WIN
NHLVancouver @ Toronto 2/8/21O6.51-3LOSS
NFLKansas City @ Tampa Bay 2/7/21Tampa Bay +3 (contest pick)9-31WIN
NFLKansas City @ Tampa Bay2/7/21Tampa Bay +135 (contest pick)9-31 WIN
NFLKansas City @ Tampa Bay 2/7/21O56 (contest pick)9-31LOSS
CBBToledo @ Ball State2/6/21O14867-81PUSH
NHLMTL @ OTT2/6/21O6.5 (contest pick)2-1LOSS
CBBTENN @ Kentucky2/6/21TENN -3.5 (contest pick)82-71WIN
NHLEDM @ CGY2/6/21O6.5 (contest pick)4-6WIN
CBBUND @ Denver2/5/21O14285-82WIN
NHLDetroit @ Tampa Bay2/5/21Detroit U1.51-3WIN
CBBUSD @ SDSU2/5/21SDSU -6.5 (contest pick)64-56LOSS
CBBBoise State @ Nevada 2/5/21Boise State -4.5 (contest pick)72-74LOSS
CBBGonzaga @ Pacific2/4/21Gonzaga -23 (contest pick)76-58LOSS
NHLCarolina @ Chicago 2/4/21Carolina -1.5 (contest pick)4-6LOSS
NHL3-way parlay (contest pick)2/4/21Ott/Mtl O6.5
Van/Tor O6.5
Cgy/Wpg O5.5
CBBOhio State @ Iowa2/4/21O15789-85WIN
CBBVirginia @ NC State2/3/21Virginia -6.5 (contest pick)64-57WIN
CBBGeorgetown @ Creighton 2/3/21Creighton -14 (contest pick)86-79LOSS
NHLDetroit @ Tampa Bay
Boston @ Philadelphia
2/3/212-Way Parlay (DET/TB O5.5 - BOS/PHI O5.5) - contest pickDET/TB 1-5
NBAHouston @ OKC2/3/21Houston -2 (1Q)25-30LOSS
NHLOttawa @ Edmonton 2/2/21O6.5 (contest pick)2-4LOSS
NBAPortland @ Washington 2/2/21Washington -0.5 (1Q)40-23LOSS
NBALAC @ Brooklyn 2/2/21O241.5 (contest pick)120-122WIN
NHLVancouver @ Montreal 2/2/21O6.5 (contest pick)3-5WIN
CBBOklahoma @ Texas Tech2/1/21O13652-57LOSS
NBAPortland @ Milwaukee 2/1/21Milwaukee -3.5 (1Q) (contest pick)36-46WIN
NHLVancouver @ Montreal 2/1/21O6.5 (contest pick)2-6WIN
CBBGT @ Louisville2/1/21GT +4 (contest pick)58-74LOSS
NHLOttawa @ Edmonton 1/31/21Edmonton -1.55-8WIN
NHLColorado @ Minnesota 1/31/21O63-4 OTWIN
NHLDallas @ Carolina1/31/21O5.53-4 SOWIN
CBBIllinois State @ Drake1/31/21Drake -1876-78LOSS
NHLToronto @ Edmonton 1/30/21O6.53-4WIN
CBBTexas Tech @ LSU1/30/21Texas Tech -3.576-71WIN
CBBFlorida State @ Georgia Tech 1/30/21Florida State -465-76LOSS
CBBAuburn @ Baylor1/30/21Baylor -14.572-84LOSS
NBADallas @ Utah 1/29/21O223101-120LOSS
CBBIowa @ Illinois1/29/21Iowa ML75-80LOSS
NBADenver @ San Antonio 1/29/21Denver -1 (1Q)30-37LOSS
NBAPhiladelphia @ Minnesota 1/29/21Philadelphia -7118-94WIN
NHLOttawa @ Vancouver1/28/21O61-4 LOSS
NHLSan Jose @ Colorado 1/28/21O60-3LOSS
NBALA Lakers @ Detroit 1/28/21LA Lakers -9.592-107LOSS
NBAPortland @ Houston1/28/21Houston -1.5 (1Q)32-17LOSS
NHLVancouver1/27/21E. Pettersson 02.5 SOG4 SOGWIN
NHL2-Way Parlay 1/27/21Nashville ML, Vancouver ML2-1 NSH, 5-1 VANWIN
CBBDrake @ Missouri State1/27/21Drake -478-73WIN
NBABoston @ San Antonio 1/27/21Boston -0.5 (1Q)30-25WIN
NHLToronto @ Calgary 1/26/21Calgary ML4-3LOSS
CBBMissouri @ Auburn 1/26/21Missouri +2.582-88LOSS
CBBDrake @ Missouri State 1/26/21Drake -3.568-61WIN
NHLOttawa @ Vancouver1/25/21O6.51-7WIN
NHLOttawa @ Vancouver1/25/21Vancouver -1.51-7WIN
NBAToronto @ Indiana1/25/21Indiana -2.5114-129WIN
CBBSyracuse @ Virginia 1/25/21O13058-81WIN
NHLColorado @ LA Kings1/21/21Colorado -1.52-4LOSS
NHLPhiladelphia @ Boston1/21/21Philadelphia ML4-5LOSS
NHLSan Jose @ St. Louis1/20/21O62-1LOSS
NHLChicago @ Florida 1/19/21O6.54-5WIN
NHLArizona @ Vegas1/18/21O5.52-4WIN
NHLMontreal @ Edmonton 1/18/21O6.53-1LOSS
NHLWinnipeg @ Toronto 1/18/21Toronto -1.51-3WIN
NHLBoston @ NYI1/18/21NYI +1200-1WIN
NFLTampa Bay @ New Orleans1/17/21O5330-20LOSS
NFLCleveland @ Kansas City 1/17/21Cleveland +36017-22LOSS
NFLCleveland @ Kansas City1/17/21Cleveland +9.517-22WIN
NFLLA Rams @ Green Bay 1/16/21Green Bay -6.518-32WIN
NHLToronto @ Ottawa1/15/21Toronto -1.53-5LOSS
NHLWashington @ Buffalo 1/15/21O6.52-1LOSS
NHLVancouver @ Edmonton1/14/21O6.52-5WIN
NHLCarolina @ Detriot1/14/21Carolina -1.53-0WIN
NHLVancouver @ Edmonton 1/13/21O6.55-3WIN
NHLChicago @ Tampa Bay1/13/21Tampa Bay -1.51-5WIN
NBAIndiana @ Golden State1/12/21Golden State -3104-95LOSS
CFBOhio State vs. Alabama 1/11/21Ohio State +26024-52LOSS
CFBOhio State vs. Alabama1/11/21O7524-52WIN
CFBOhio State vs. Alabama1/11/21Ohio State +924.52LOSS
NFLCleveland @ Pittsburg1/10/21Cleveland +5.548-37WIN
NFLChicago @ New Orleans 1/10/21O48.59-21LOSS
NFLChicago @ New Orleans 1/10/21Chicago +10.59-21LOSS
NFLBaltimore @ Tennessee1/10/21O5420-13LOSS
NFLIndy @ Buffalo 1/9/21Buffalo -6.524-27 LOSS
CBBUCLA @ Arizona State1/7/21UCLA -5.581-75WIN
CBBIowa @ Maryland 1/7/21O153.589-67WIN
NBAToronto @ Phoenix1/5/21PHX -3115-123WIN
CBBKansas @ TCU1/5/21TCU +693-64LOSS
NBASacramento @ Golden State1/4/21U234.5106-137LOSS
CBBColorado State @ San Diego State1/4/21CSU +865-78LOSS
NBABoston @ Toronto 1/4/21Boston +3.5126-114WIN
NBANew York @ Atlanta1/4/21O222113-108LOSS
NBAWashington @ Brooklyn 1/3/21U241123-122LOSS
CFBTexas A&M vs. North Carolina 1/2/21O6541-27WIN
CFBOregon vs. Iowa State1/2/21O57.517-34LOSS
CFBOhio State vs. Clemson 1/1/21Ohio State +949-28WIN
CFBNotre Dame vs. Alabama1/1/21Alabama -20.514-31LOSS
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