Kota Capper: Kyle Kommes

Kyle has always enjoyed sports and sports betting is a way he has gotten to cheer for various teams.

Kyle graduated from Morningside College in 2020 with a degree in public accounting. Kyle has always enjoyed sports and sports betting is a way he has gotten to cheer for various teams. He specializes in all sports for his bets but he will pay attention to college football and basketball. Even in sports betting, you have to read between the lines:

Twitter: @KommDog

CBBOhio State @ Purdue3/12/20Purdue ML
CBBMissouri @ Arkansas3/12/20Arkansas -5.5
CBBUCONN @ Creighton3/12/20Creighton ML
CBBOklahoma State @ Kansas3/12/20Kansas ML
CBBColorado @ USC3/12/20USC +1.5
CBBMiami @ Georgia Tech3/11/21Miami ML
(Contest Pick)
CBBSeton Hall @ St. Johns3/11/21St. Johns ML
(Contest Pick)
69-77 (OT)LOSS
CBBUtah @ USC3/11/21USC -7.591-85LOSS
CBBPenn State @ Wisconsin3/11/21Wisconsin -5.575-74LOSS
CBBNorth Carolina @ Virginia Tech 3/11/21VA Tech ML
(Contest Pick)
(Mortal Lock)
CBBKansas State @ TCU3/10/21TCU -3.5
(Contest Pick)
CBBMinnesota @ Northwestern3/10/21Minnesota ML
(Contest Pick)
CBBButler @ Xavier3/10/21Butler ML
(Contest Pick)
70-69 (OT)WIN
CBBWashington State @ Arizona State3/10/21Arizona State ML64-59WIN
CBBWashington @ Utah3/10/21Utah -8.598-95LOSS
CBBMount Saint Mary's @ Bryant3/9/21Bryant -6.568-73LOSS
CBBManhattan @ Fairfield3/9/21Fairfield ML59-58WIN
CBBSouthern Miss @ Rice3/9/21Rice -461-52WIN
CBBHouston Baptist @ Incarnate Word3/9/21Incarnate Word ML68-80LOSS
CBBLong Beach State @ Cal State Northridge3/9/21Cal State Northridge -2.563-85LOSS
CBBMilwaukee @ Cleveland State3/8/21Cleveland State ML71-65WIN
CBBOral Roberts @ South Dakota State3/8/21South Dakota State -5.588-90LOSS
CBBSaint Mary's @ Gonzaga3/8/21Over 14178-55LOSS
CBBNorthern Kentucky @ Oakland3/8/21Oakland ML69-58WIN
CBBPepperdine @ BYU3/8/21BYU -882-77LOSS
CBBValparaiso @ Missouri State3/5/21Valparaiso +755-66LOSS
CBBColorado State @ Nevada3/5/21Colorado State ML
(Contest Pick)
CBBTroy @ UT Arlington3/5/21Troy ML
(Contest Pick)
CBBSanta Clara @ Pacific3/5/21Pacific -376-81LOSS
CBBBall State @ Toledo3/5/21Toledo -9.589-70WIN
CBBTexas @ Oklahoma3/4/21Oklahoma ML65-69LOSS
CBBIllinois State @ Northern Iowa3/4/21Northern Iowa -665-60LOSS
NBAThunder @ Spurs3/4/21Spurs -6.5102-107LOSS
NHLLightning @ Blackhawks3/4/21Lightning -1.53-2 (OT)LOSS
NHLBlue Jackets @ Stars3/4/21Blue Jackets ML3-2WIN
CBBWichita State @ Tulane3/3/21Wichita State -4.5
(Contest Pick)
CBBUCONN @ Seton Hall3/3/21UCONN ML
(Contest Pick)
CBBProvidence @ St. Johns3/3/21St. John's ML
(Contest Pick)
NBAHornets @ Timberwolves3/3/21Timberwolves +1.5102-135LOSS
NBALakers @ Kings3/3/21Over 224123-120WIN
CBBTexas @ Iowa State3/2/21Texas -11.5
(Contest Pick)
CBBArkansas @ South Carolina3/2/21Arkansas -6.5
(Contest Pick)
CBBXavier @ Georgetown3/2/21Xavier ML
(Contest Pick)
CBBDuke @ Georgia Tech3/2/21Duke ML 77-81 (OT)LOSS
CBBMemphis @ South Florida3/2/21Memphis -973-52WIN
NBAPacers @ 76ers3/1/2176ers -4.5
(Contest Pick)
NBANuggets @ Bulls3/1/21Nuggets -5
(Contest Pick)
NHLCanucks @ Jets3/1/21Jets -1.5
(Contest Pick)
NHLMaple Leafs @ Oilers3/1/21Oilers +1.50-3LOSS
NHLWild @ Golden Knights3/1/21Wild ML4-5 (OT)LOSS
CBBVirginia @ Florida State2/15/21Virginia ML
(Contest Pick)
NBABulls @ Pacers2/15/21Bulls +5.5120-112WIN
NBANets @ Kings2/15/21Under 243.5136-125LOSS
NHLBlackhawks @ Red Wings2/15/21Blackhawks ML
(Contest Pick)
NHLSenators @ Maple Leafs2/15/21Under 6.56-5LOSS
NBAPortland @ Dallas2/14/21Dallas ML 121-118LOSS
NBASan Antonio @ Charlotte2/14/21San Antonio ML (contest pick)122-110WIN
NBAMinnesota @ Toronto 2/14/21Minnesota +8116-112WIN
CBBMinnesota @ Maryland 2/14/21Minnesota ML (contest pick)59-72LOSS
CBBUCF @ Cincinnati 2/14/21Cincinnati -6 68-69WIN
CBBGonzaga @ Pacific2/4/21Over 149.576-58LOSS
CBBArizona @ Utah2/4/21Arizona ML58-73LOSS
CBBMurray State @ Morehead State2/4/21Murray State -356-66LOSS
NBATrail Blazers @ 76ers2/4/2176ers -8.5121-105LOSS
NBANuggets @ Lakers2/4/21Over 216.593-114LOSS
CBBVirginia @ NC State2/3/21Virginia -6
(Contest Pick)
(Mortal Lock)
CBBVirginia Tech @ Pittsburgh2/3/21VA Tech -472-83LOSS
CBBLSU @ Alabama2/3/21LSU +860-78LOSS
NBACeltics @ Kings2/3/21Celtics ML
(Contest Pick)
NBAPacers @ Bucks2/3/21Bucks -8.5130-110WIN
CBBIllinois @ Indiana2/2/21Illinois ML
(Contest pick)
75-71 (OT)WIN
CBBPurdue @ Maryland2/2/21Maryland ML
(Contest pick)
CBBDayton @ Duquesne2/2/21Dayton ML
(Contest pick)
CBBUSC @ Stanford2/2/21USC -272-66WIN
NBAClippers @ Nets2/2/21Clippers -1.5120-124LOSS
CBBGeorgia Tech @ Louisville2/1/21Louisville ML (contest pick)58-74WIN
CBBOklahoma @ Texas Tech2/1/21Oklahoma +752-57WIN
NBATrail Blazers @ Bucks2/1/21Bucks -9.5134-106WIN
NBAHornets @ Heat2/1/21Hornets +6 (contest pick)129-121WIN
NBASuns @ Mavericks2/1/21Mavericks ML (contest pick)108-109LOSS
CBBAuburn @ Baylor1/30/21O153.572-84WIN
CBBWisconsin @ Penn State1/30/21Wisconsin -471-81LOSS
CBBMiami @ Wake Forest1/30/21Miami +354-66LOSS
CBBFlorida @ WVU1/30/21WVU -4.585-80LOSS
CBBTCU @ Missouri 1/30/21Missouri -1098-102LOSS
CBBDetroit @ Youngstown State1/29/21Youngstown State -1.578-75LOSS
CBBOmaha @ South Dakota1/29/21South Dakota -1.559-91WIN
CBB UC Irvine @ Hawaii1/29/21UC Irvine -2.553-51LOSS
CBBOakland @ Purdue Fort Wayne1/29/21Purdue FW ML81-66LOSS
CBBOhio @ Buffalo1/29/21Ohio +276-75WIN
CBBAir Force @ San Jose State1/28/21Air Force -458-59LOSS
CBBNew Mexico @ Fresno State1/28/21O 129.564-62LOSS
CBBMemphis @ SMU1/28/21SMU -467-65LOSS
NBAGolden State @ Phoenix1/28/21Golden State +293-114LOSS
NBALA Lakers @ Detroit1/28/21LA Lakers -9.592-107LOSS
CBBLouisville @ Clemson1/27/21Louisville +1.550-54LOSS
CBBUtah State @ UNLV1/27/21Utah State -6.583-74WIN
CBBBoise State @ Colorado State1/27/21Boise State -356-78LOSS
CBBWisconsin @ Maryland 1/27/21Wisconsin -361-55WIN
CBBVirginia Tech @ Notre Dame1/27/21Virginia Tech ML62-51WIN
CBBLSU @ Texas A&M 1/26/21LSU -578-65WIN
CBBMissouri @ Auburn 1/26/21Missouri +282-88LOSS
CBBDrake @ Missouri State1/26/21Drake -468-61WIN
CBBTulsa @ Temple 1/26/21Tulsa ML67-76LOSS
CBBToledo @ Miami (OH)1/26/21Toledo -4.590-81WIN
NBADenver @ Dallas1/25/21Dallas +1.5117-113LOSS
CBBArizona State @ Arizona 1/25/21Arizona -4.567-80WIN
CBBTexas Tech @ West Virginia1/25/21U136.587-88LOSS
NBACharlotte @ Orlando 1/25/21Charlotte +1108-117LOSS
CBBSyracuse @ Virginia1/25/21Virginia -758-81WIN
CBBUtah @ Washington 1/24/21Utah -579-83LOSS
CBBSan Diego State @ Air Force1/24/21Air Force +1691-59LOSS
CBBMemphis @ East Carolina1/24/21O134.580-53LOSS
NFLBuffalo @ Kansas City1/24/21Kansas City ML24-38WIN
NFLTampa Bay @ Green Bay1/24/21Tampa Bay ML31-26WIN
CBBMississippi State @ Alabama1/23/21O14973-81WIN
CBBLSU @ Kentucky 1/23/21LSU +1.569-82LOSS
CBBOhio State @ Wisconsin1/23/21Ohio State +574-62WIN
CBBClemson @ Florida State1/23/21Florida State -6.561-80WIN
CBBBaylor @ Oklahoma State1/23/21Baylor -981-66WIN
NBANew York @ Golden State1/21/21Golden State ML119-104LOSS
NBALA Lakers @ Milwaukee1/21/21O228.5113-106LOSS
CBBUCLA @ California1/21/21UCLA -961-57LOSS
CBBWichita State @ Memphis1/21/21Wichita State +3.552-72LOSS
CBBArizona @ Arizona State1/21/21Arizona -2.584-82LOSS
CBBPurdue @ Ohio State 1/19/21Ohio State -567-65LOSS
CBBBall State @ Miami (OH)1/19/21Miami (OH_ +3.571-81WIN
CBBKansas State @ Oklahoma1/19-21Oklahoma -1450-76WIN
CBBButler @ DePaul 1/19/21Butler ML67-53WIN
CBBDuke @ Pittsburg1/19/21Duke -473-79LOSS
CBBKansas @ Baylor 1/18/21Kansas +969-77WIN
CBBWyoming @ Air Force1/18/21Wyoming -377-58WIN
NHLArizona @ Vegas1/18/21Vegas -1.52-4WIN
NBADallas @ Toronto 1/18/21Dallas ML93-116LOSS
NBAMilwaukee @ Brooklyn 1/18/21Milwaukee -2123-125LOSS
NBAChicago @ Dallas1/17/21O227117-101LOSS
CBBVirginia Tech @ Wake Forest1/17/21VT -6.564-60LOSS
CBBFresno State @ Nevada 1/17/21Nevada -765-79WIN
CBBPenn State @ Purdue1/17/21Purdue -5.572-80WIN
NFLTampa Bay @ New Orleans 1/17/21New Orleans ML30-20LOSS
CBBStanford @ Colorado 1/16/21Stanford +7.564-77LOSS
CBBMichigan @ Minnesota 1/16/21Michigan -5.557-75LOSS
CBBUNC @ Florida State1/16/21UNC ML75-82LOSS
NFLBaltimore @ Buffalo 1/16/21Buffalo ML3-17WIN
NFLLA @ Green Bay1/16/21Green Bay -6.518-32WIN
NHLChicago @ Tampa Bay 1/15/21O6.52-5WIN
NBAOrlando @ Boston 1/15/21Boston -4.597-124WIN
NBAChicago @ Oklahoma City1/15/21Oklahoma City ML125-127WIN
CBBFresno State @ Nevada 1/15/21Nevada -5.557-73WIN
CBBWisconsin @ Rutgers1/15/21Wisconsin -2.560-54WIN




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