Kota Capper: DJ Loutsch (Deej)

DJ has done a number of different Sports Economics research papers including his NFL study of the home-underdog theory. DJ is a seasoned gambler in his 6th year of placing wagers on all sports.

DJ graduated from the University of Northern Iowa where he triple majored in Economics /Finance/Real Estate. DJ has done a number of different Sports Economics research papers including his NFL study of the home-underdog theory. DJ is a seasoned gambler in his 6th year of placing wagers on all sports. DJ netted $4,000 in 2020 with his most profitable sport being MLB. DJ doesn’t really limit himself to one sport, he lets the locks find him.

Twitter: @djlo4422

League GameDatePickScoreResult
NHLOttawa @ Edmonton3/12/21Ottawa ML (Contest Pick)
NHLVegas @ St. Louis3/12/21Over 5.5 (Contest Pick)
NHLVegas @ St. Louis3/12/21St. Louis ML (Contest Pick)
NHLArizona @ Minnesota3/12/21Minnesota ML (Contest Pick)
NHLNew Jersey @ NYI3/11/21NYI ML (Contest Pick)3-5WIN
NHLChicago @ Dallas3/11/21Chicago ML (Contest Pick)4-2WIN
NHLWinnipeg @ Toronto3/11/21Toronto ML (Contest Pick)3-4WIN
NHLArizona @ Colorado3/10/21Colorado ML (Contest Pick)1-2WIN
NHLMontreal @ Vancouver3/10/21Montreal ML (Contest Pick)5-1WIN
NHLLos Angeles @ Anaheim3/10/21Los Angeles ML (Contest Pick)5-1WIN
NHLVegas @ Minnesota3/10/21Vegas ML (Contest Pick)3-4LOSS
NHLTampa Bay @ Detroit3/9/21Tampa Bay ML (Contest Pick)4-3WIN
NHLNashville @ Carolina3/9/21Carolina ML (Contest Pick)2-3WIN
CBBOakland vs Cleveland State3/9/21Cleveland State ML (Contest Pick)69-80WIN
NHLFlorida @ Columbus3/9/21Florida ML (Contest Pick)4-2WIN
NHLNew Jersey @ Washington3/9/21Washington ML (Contest Pick)4-5WIN
NHLBuffalo @ Philadelphia3/9/21Philadelphia ML (Contest Pick)4-5WIN
NHLNYR @ Pittsburgh3/9/21Pittsburgh ML (Contest Pick)2-4WIN
NHLOttawa @ Edmonton3/8/21Edmonton ML (Contest Pick)2-3WIN
CBBMilwaukee vs Cleveland State3/8/21Cleveland State ML (Contest Pick)65-71WIN
NHLMontreal @ Vancouver3/8/21Over 6 (Contest Pick)1-2LOSS
NHLLos Angeles @ Anaheim3/8/21Los Angeles ML (Contest Pick)5-6LOSS
NHLArizona @ Colorado3/8/21Colorado ML (Contest Pick)3-2LOSS
NHLVegas @ Minnesota3/8/21Vegas ML (Contest Pick)0-2LOSS
CBBDrake vs Loyola3/7/21Drake +8 (Contest Pick)65-75LOSS
NHLOttawa @ Calgary3/7/21Over 6 (Contest Pick)4-3WIN
NHLNYR @ Pittsburgh3/7/21Pittsburgh ML (Contest Pick)1-5WIN
NHLFlorida @ Carolina3/7/21Over 6 (Contest Pick)2-4PUSH
UFCBlachowicz vs Adesanya3/6/21Adesanya ML (Contest Pick)Blachowicz by DecisionLOSS
CBBMissouri State vs Drake3/6/21Drake ML (Contest Pick)69-71WIN
NHLCalgary @ Edmonton3/6/21Edmonton ML (Contest Pick)2-3WIN
NHLToronto @ Vancouver3/6/21Toronto ML (Contest Pick)2-4LOSS
NHLWinnipeg @ Montreal3/6/21Over 5.5 (Contest Pick)1-7WIN
NHLTampa Bay @ Chicago 3/5/21Over 6 (Contest Pick)3-4WIN
NHLVegas @ San Jose3/5/21Vegas ML (Contest Pick)5-4WIN
NHLAnaheim @ Colorado3/5/21Colorado ML (Contest Pick)2-3WIN
NHLDetroit @ Carolina3/4/21Carolina ML (Contest Pick)2-5WIN
NHLTampa Bay @ Chicago3/4/21Over 5.5 (Contest Pick)3-2LOSS
NHLPhiladelphia @ Pittsburgh3/4/21Over 6 (Contest Pick)4-3WIN
NHLFlorida @ Nashville3/4/21Florida ML (Contest Pick)5-4WIN
NHLBuffalo @ NYI3/4/21NYI ML (Contest Pick)2-5WIN
NHLColorado @ San Jose3/3/21Colorado ML (Contest Pick)4-0WIN
NHLArizona @ Los Angeles3/3/21Los Angeles (Contest Pick)3-2LOSS
NHLToronto @ Edmonton3/3/21Edmonton ML (Contest Pick)6-1LOSS
NBACharlotte @ Minnesota3/3/21Charlotte -1 (Contest Pick)135-102WIN
NBAPhoenix @ LAL3/2/21Phoenix +2 (Contest Pick)114-104WIN
CBBWisconsin @ Purdue3/2/21Purdue -2 (Contest Pick)69-73WIN
NHLVancouver @ Winnipeg3/2/21Winnipeg ML (Contest Pick)2-5WIN
NBALAC @ Boston3/2/21LAC -4 (Contest Pick)112-117LOSS
NHLMinnesota @ Vegas3/1/21Vegas ML (Contest Pick)4-5WIN
NHLToronto @ Edmonton3/1/21Edmonton ML (Contest Pick)3-0LOSS
NHLVancouver @ Winnipeg3/1/21Winnipeg ML (Contest Pick)4-0LOSS
NHLCarolina @ Florida3/1/21Florida ML (Contest Pick)3-2LOSS
NHLDetroit @ Chicago2/28/21Chicago ML2-7WIN
NHLPittsburgh @ NYI2/28/21Under 5.5 (Contest Pick)0-2WIN
CBBIowa @ Ohio State2/28/21Ohio State ML (Contest Pick)73-57LOSS
NHLPhiladelphia @ Buffalo2/27/21Philadelphia ML (Contest Pick)3-0WIN
CBBIllinois @ Wisconsin2/27/21Under 135.5 (Contest Pick)74-69LOSS
NBAMinnesota @ Washington2/27/21Washington -4.5 (Contest Pick)112-128WIN
CBBDrexel @ James Madison2/26/21James Madison ML (Contest Pick)84-78LOSS
CBBTulane @ Cincinnati2/26/21Tulane +6 (Contest Pick)71-91LOSS
NBASacramento @ Detroit2/26/21Detroit +2 (Contest Pick)110-107LOSS
CBBUCLA @ Utah2/25/21UCLA -1.5 (Contest Pick)76-61WIN
NHLMontreal @ Winnipeg2/25/21Winnipeg ML (Contest Pick)3-6WIN
NHLCalgary @ Ottawa2/25/21Calgary ML (Contest Pick)1-6LOSS
NHLDallas @ Florida2/25/21Florida ML (Contest Pick)2-3WIN
NHLCarolina @ Tampa Bay2/24/21Tampa Bay ML (Contest Pick)0-3WIN
NHLAnaheim @ Arizona2/24/21Arizona ML (Contest Pick)3-4WIN
NHLMinnesota @ Colorado2/24/21Colorado ML (Contest Pick)6-2LOSS
NHLLos Angeles @ St. Louis2/24/21St. Louis ML (Contest Pick)2-1LOSS
NHLCalgary @ Toronto2/24/21Toronto ML (Contest Pick)1-2WIN
NHLDallas @ Florida2/24/21Florida ML (Contest Pick)3-0LOSS
NHLEdmonton @ Vancouver2/23/21Edmonton ML (Contest Pick)4-3WIN
NHLMontreal @ Ottawa2/23/21Montreal ML (Contest Pick)3-5LOSS
NHLBuffalo @ New Jersey2/23/21New Jersey ML (Contest Pick)4-1LOSS
NHLCalgary @ Toronto2/22/21Toronto ML (Contest Pick)3-0LOSS
NHLTampa Bay @ Carolina2/22/21Tampa Bay ML (Contest Pick)4-2WIN
NHLBuffalo @ NYI2/22/21NYI ML (Contest Pick)2-3WIN
NHLDallas @ Florida2/22/21Florida ML (Contest Pick)1-3WIN
NHLNew Jersey @ Washington2/21/21Washington ML (Contest Pick)3-4WIN
CBBRhode Island @ George Washington2/21/21Rhode Island -9.5 (Contest Pick)70-78LOSS
NHLMontreal @ Ottawa2/21/21Montreal -1.5 (Contest Pick)2-3LOSS
CBBConnecticut @ Villanova2/20/21Over 136.5 (Contest Pick)60-68LOSS
CBBCleveland State @ Purdue Fort Wayne2/20/21Cleveland State - 3.5 (Contest Pick)67-55WIN
NHLMinnesota @ Anaheim2/20/21Minnesota ML (Contest Pick)5-1WIN
CBBAkron @ Ball State2/19/21Over 145.588-79WIN
CBBCleveland State @ Purdue Fort Wayne2/19/21Cleveland State -4 (Contest Pick)68-75LOSS
CBBRobert Morris @ Detroit Mercy2/19/21Detroit Mercy -9.574-85WIN
NHLFlorida @ Detroit2/19/21Florida ML (Contest Pick)7-2WIN
NBAUtah @ LAC2/19/21Utah -3.5 (Contest Pick)112-116LOSS
CBBUtah @ Oregon State2/18/21Over 137.556-74LOSS
CBBArizona @ UCLA2/18/21UCLA ML (Contest Pick)60-74WIN
NHLMinnesota @ Anaheim2/18/21Minnesota ML3-1WIN
NHLOttawa @ Toronto2/18/21Toronto -1.5 (Contest Pick)3-7WIN
NHLNYI @ Pittsburgh2/18/21Under 5.5 (Contest Pick)1-4WIN
CBBMissouri St. @ Southern Illinois2/17/21Missouri State -4.5 (Contest Pick)68-53WIN
NHLVancouver @ Calgary2/17/21Calgary ML (Contest Pick)5-1LOSS
NHLChicago @ Detroit2/17/21Chicago ML2-0WIN
NHLOttawa @ Toronto2/17/21Toronto -1.5 (Contest Pick)1-2LOSS
NBAIndiana @ Minnesota2/17/21Under 227.5134-128LOSS
CBBDayton @ Rhode Island2/16/21Dayton +3.589-91WIN
CBBMSU @ Purdue2/16/21Purdue -5.5 (Contest Pick)65-75WIN
NHLColorado @ Vegas2/16/21Over 5.53-2LOSS
NHLNew Jersey @ NYR2/16/21NYR ML (Contest Pick)5-2LOSS
NHLWashington @ Pittsburgh2/16/21Washington ML (Contest Pick)3-1WIN
NBAAtlanta @ New York2/15/21Atlanta -2112-123LOSS
CBBEastern Kentucky @ Tennessee Tech2/15/21Eastern Kentucky -8 (Contest Pick)83-72WIN
NHLOttawa @ Toronto2/15/21Toronto -1.5 (Contest Pick)6-5LOSS
NHLFlorida @ Tampa Bay2/15/21Over 5.5 (Contest Pick)6-4WIN
NHLChicago @ Detroit2/15/21Chicago ML3-2WIN
CBBBradley @ Missouri State2/14/21Missouri State -10.5 (Contest Pick)57-72WIN
CBBTulane @ USF2/14/21Tulane +5 (Contest Pick)62-59WIN
CBBMiami @ Notre Dame2/14/21Notre Dame -7 (Contest Pick)61-71WIN
NHLOttawa @ Winnipeg2/13/21Winnipeg ML (Contest Pick)2-1LOSS
NHLVegas @ San Jose2/13/21Vegas ML (Contest Pick)3-1WIN
NHLDetroit @ Nashville2/13/21Nashville ML (Contest Pick)4-2LOSS
NHLTampa Bay @ Florida2/13/21Tampa Bay ML6-1WIN
NHLCarolina @ Dallas2/13/21Over 5.54-3WIN
NBAHouston @ New York2/13/21Under 21299-121LOSS
NBAMinnesota @ Charlotte2/12/21Charlotte -4 (Contest Pick)114-120WIN
NBASan Antonio @ Atlanta2/12/21Atlanta ML125-114LOSS
NHLSt. Louis @ Arizona2/12/21St. Louis ML (Contest Pick)4-1WIN
CBBTulane @ UCF2/12/21Tulane +5.549-53WIN
CBBDetroit @ Cleveland State2/12/21Over 138 (Contest Pick)89-83WIN
NHLOttawa @ Winnipeg2/11/21Winnipeg ML (Contest Pick)1-5WIN
NHLDetroit @ Nashville2/11/21Nashville ML (Contest Pick)2-3WIN
NHLAnaheim @ Vegas2/11/21Vegas ML (Contest Pick)1-0LOSS
NBAAtlanta @ Dallas2/10/21Atlanta +4 (Contest Pick)117-118WIN
CBBSE Louisiana @ Sam Houston ST2/10/21Sam Houston St -11.5 (Contest Pick)61-79WIN
CBBMarquette @ Villanova2/10/21Over 139.5 (Contest Pick)64-96WIN
NHLAnaheim @ Vegas2/9/21Vegas ML (Contest Pick)4-5WIN
NHLChicago @ Dallas2/9/21Dallas ML (Contest Pick)2-1LOSS
NHLDetroit @ Florida2/9/21Florida ML (Contest Pick)1-2WIN
NBAGolden State @ San Antonio2/8/21Golden State +1.5 (Contest Pick100-105LOSS
NHLEdmonton @ Ottawa2/8/21Edmonton ML (Contest Pick)3-1WIN
NHLArizona @ St. Louis2/8/21St. Louis ML (Contest Pick)4-3LOSS
NBAMiami @ New York2/7/21New York +6 (Contest Pick)109-103PUSH
NHLChicago @ Dallas2/7/21Dallas ML (Contest Pick)2-1LOSS
NHLCarolina @ Columbus2/7/21Carolina ML (Contest Pick)6-5WIN
CBBAlabama @ Missouri2/6/21Alabama -2.5 (Contest Pick)65-68LOSS
CBBIndiana State @ Northern Iowa2/6/21Indiana State +2 (Contest Pick)61-57WIN
NHLArizona @ St. Louis2/6/21St. Louis ML (Contest Pick)3-1LOSS
NBANew Orleans @ Indiana2/5/21Indiana -2.5 (Contest Pick)114-113LOSS
CBBSouthern Miss @ Rice2/5/21Rice -3.5 (Contest Pick)62-88WIN
CBBUTSA @ FIU2/5/21FIU -1.5 (Contest Pick)87-80LOSS
CBBTennessee St @ SIUE2/4/21SIUE -1 (Contest Pick)60-68WIN
NHLCarolina @ Chicago2/4/21Carolina ML (Contest Pick)4-6LOSS
NHLArizona @ St. Louis2/4/21St. Louis ML (Contest Pick)4-3LOSS
NHLDetroit @ Tampa Bay2/3/21Under 5.51-5LOSS
CBBHouston @ East Carolina2/3/21Houston -16.5 (contest pick)73-82LOSS
NBAHouston @ OKC2/3/21Houston -6.5 (contest pick)87-104LOSS
NBALAC @ Cleveland2/3/21Cleveland +8.5 (contest pick)121-99LOSS
NBAPhoenix @ New Orleans2/3/21Phoenix -3.5101-123LOSS
NHLCalgary @ Winnipeg2/2/21Over 6 (contest pick)2-3LOSS
NHLCarolina @ Chicago2/2/21Carolina ML (contest pick)4-3WIN
NHLArizona @ St. Louis2/2/21St. Louis ML3-4WIN
NHLOttawa @ Edmonton2/2/21Edmonton -1.5 (+105)2-4WIN
NBAMemphis @ Indiana2/2/21Memphis +5.5 (contest pick)116-134LOSS
NBALAL @ Atlanta2/1/21Atlanta +6107-99LOSS
NBANew York @ Chicago2/1/21Chicago -4102-110WIN
NBAHouston @ OKC2/1/21Houston -5 (contest pick)136-106WIN
NHLPittsburgh @ NYR2/1/21Under 6 (contest pick)1-3WIN
NHLCalgary @ Winnipeg2/1/21Over 6 (contest pick)4-3WIN
NBACleveland @ Minnesota 1/31/21Cleveland -3104-109LOSS
CBBNC State @ Syracuse 1/31/21Syracuse -573-76LOSS
CBBLoyola @ Missouri State1/31/21Missouri State +672-46LOSS
CBBSMU @ Houston 1/31/21Houston -9.548-70WIN
NBALA Clippers @ NYK1/31/21NYK +9.5129-115LOSS
NBALAL @ Boston1/30/21Under 21996-95WIN
NBADetroit @ Golden State1/30/21Over 223.591-118LOSS
NBADetroit @ Golden State1/30/21Golden State -5.591-118WIN
CBBNorthern Iowa @ Southern Illinois1/30/21Southern Illinois +274-62LOSS
NHLFlorida @ Detroit1/30/21Florida ML 3-2WIN
NBAIndiana @ Charlotte1/29/21Indiana -3.5105-108LOSS
NBAAtlanta @ Washington 1/29/21Atlanta -3.5116-11WIN
NBASacramento @ Toronto 1/29/21Under 229126-124LOSS
NBACleveland @ NYK1/29/21Cleveland -181-102LOSS
NBACleveland @ NYK1/29/21Under 20981-102WIN
NBAPortland @ Houston1/28/21Houston -4.5101-104LOSS
NHLNYR @ Buffalo1/28/21Under 63-2WIN
NHLLos Angeles @ Minnesota1/28/21Minnesota ML3-5WIN
NHLCalgary @ Montreal1/28/21Over 62-4PUSH
NHLTampa Bay @ Carolina1/28/21Tampa Bay ML0-1LOSS
Ottawa @ Vancouver1/27/21Vancouver ML1-5WIN
NHLChicago @ Nashville1/27/21Nashville ML1-2WIN
NBADetroit @ Cleveland1/27/21Cleveland -2.5107-122WIN
CBBDrake @ Missouri St1/27/21Drake -478-73WIN
CBBUtah St @ UNLV1/27/21Utah St -6.583-74WIN
NHLToronto @ Calgary1/26/21Calgary ML4-3LOSS
NHLDetroit @ Dallas1/26/21Dallas -1.51-2LOSS
NHLChicago @ Nashville1/26/21Nashville ML2-3WIN
CBBDrake @ Missouri State1/26/21Drake -468-61WIN
NHLNYI @ Washington 1/26/21NYI ML2-3LOSS
CBBUtah State @ UNLV1/25/21Utah State -6.556-59LOSS
NHLOttawa @ Vancouver 1/25/21Vancouver ML1-7WIN
NBADenver @ Dallas1/25/21Denver -2.5117-113WIN
NBAPhiladelphia @ Detriot1/25/21Detroit +6.5104-119WIN
CBBLoyola @ Bradley1/25/21Loyola -765-58PUSH
NHLEdmonton @ Winnipeg1/24/21Winnipeg ML4-3LOSS
CBBLoyola @ Bradley1/24/21Loyola -7.569-55WIN
CBBNevada @ Wyoming 1/24/21Wyoming +4.588-93WIN
NBACleveland @ Boston 1/24/21Boston -6.5103-141WIN
NBAOKC @ LA Clippers1/24/21OKC +12.5100-108WIN
NBAMiami @ Brooklyn 1/23/21Brooklyn -7.5124-128LOSS
NBADenver @ Phoenix1/23/21O217.5120-112WIN
NBAGolden State @ Utah 1/23/21U228108-127LOSS
NHLTampa Bay @ Columbus 1/23/21Tampa Bay -1.52-5LOSS
NHLOttawa @ Winnipeg 1/23/21Winnipeg ML3-6WIN
NHLVegas @ Arizoan 1/22/21Arizona ML2-5WIN
NHLColorado @ Anaheim1/22/21Anaheim ML3-2LOSS
NHLEdmonton @ Toronto 1/22/21U6.52-4WIN
NBADallas @ San Antonio1/22/21Dallas -2.5122-117WIN
NBABoston @ Philadelphia1/22/21Boston +4.5110-122LOSS
NBANew Orleans @ Utah1/21/21U216.5118-129LOSS
NBALAL @ Milwaukee1/21/21U228.5113-106WIN
NHLMontreal @ Vancouver 1/21/21Montreal ML7-3WIN
CBBWichita State @ Memphis1/21/21Wichita State +2.552-72LOSS
CBBArizona @ Arizona State1/21/21Arizona -2.584-82LOSS
CBBColorado @ Washington 1/20/21Colorado -12.580-84LOSS
NHLMinnesota @ Anaheim 1/20/21Minnesota ML3-2WIN
NBADetroit @ Atlanta1/20/21O220.5115-123WIN
NBASan Antonio @ Golden State1/20/21Golden State -199-121WIN
NBABrooklyn @ Cleveland 1/20/21Brooklyn -10135-147LOSS
CBBUSC @ Oregon State1/19/21USC -10.556-58LOSS
NBANew Orleans @ Utah1/19/21Utah -6102-118WIN
NBAOKC @ Denver1/19/21OKC +9.5101-119LOSS
NHLChicago @ Florida 1/19/21Florida -1.54-5LOSS
NHLWashington @ Pittsburg1/19/21Washington ML4-5LOSS
NHLMinnesota @ Anaheim1/18/21Minnesota ML0-1LOSS
NHLMontreal @ Edmonton1/18/21Edmonton ML3-1LOSS
NHLCarolina @ Nashville1/18/21Nashville ML4-2LOSS
NHLBuffalo @ Philadelphia1/18/21Philadelphia ML6-1LOSS
NHLBoston @ New York Islanders1/18/21NYI ML0-1WIN
NBAIndiana @ LA Clippers1/17/21LA Clippers -6.596-129LOSS
NBAUtah @ Denver1/17/21Denver -1109-105LOSS
NBAChicago @ Dallas1/17/21Dallas -7117-101LOSS
NBANew York @ Boston 1/17/21Boston -7105-75LOSS
CBBMemphis @ Tulsa1/17/21Tulsa +257-58WIN
CBBSan Diego State @ Utah State1/16/21U12859-64WIN
CBBAmerican @ Navy1/16/21Navy -986-87LOSS
NHLAnaheim @ Vegas1/16/21Vegas -1.51-2LOSS
NHLCarolina @ Detriot1/16/21Carolina -1.52-4LOSS
NHLPittsburg @ Philadelphia1/15/21Philadelphia ML2-5WIN
NHLChicago @ Tampa Bay1/15/21Tampa Bay -1.52-5WIN
NBANew Orleans @ LA Lakers1/15/21LA Lakers -995-112WIN
NBAChicago @ Oklahoma City1/15/21Chicago -2125-127LOSS
NBADallas @ Milwaukee1/15/21Dallas +8109-112WIN


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  3. campbelldjosh

    February 13, 2021 at 4:17 pm

    DJ seems pretty cute to me

    • kotadj

      February 19, 2021 at 3:27 pm

      You would be accurate with that statement <3

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